17 June 2019

Let's be more like Sweden...

...the socialist paradise...insert alt text here

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven spoke out about the incident at the time saying: “The bombing of a police station in Helsingborg is extremely serious. An attack on the police is, in the long run, an attack on our democracy.
Maybe in the short run too, Mr Prime Minister?
The tightening of security comes just days after the city saw three explosions, two of which targeted residential areas in the notorious Rosengård no-go suburb and a nightclub closer to the centre of the city, all within 24 hours.
No worries though, the Swedes have it well in hand...insert alt text here
Facing a massive surge in gang-related crimes, in particular involving the use of hand grenades, police in Sweden have introduced a three-month-long amnesty for “explosive goods.

MEANWHILE BACK AT THE RANCH:insert alt text here
New polling numbers suggest a majority of Canadians believe the federal government should limit the number of immigrants it accepts — a public opinion trend that Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen says he finds concerning.
How about not listening to the majority of Canadians, Ahmed... is that not concerning as well?

Wait a minute... Ahmed Hussen, Ahmed Hussen... that sounds so familiar...insert alt text here
Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen provided a briefing to members of the African-Canadian community at a Toronto barbecue establishment that court documents have identified it as a known hangout for members of the notorious Nigerian-based Black Axe criminal syndicate.

LAST WORD: Speaking of Librano slimeballs...


Anonymous said...

owg says ---------- all we have to do is import more muslims and third world welfare seekers and we can achieve Sweden's success.

Neo Conservative said...

how could illegals possibly circumvent our rigorous screening proc...
wait a freakin' minute...

"The report said that to meet Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s
election campaign promise
to bring in 25,000 Syrian refugees by
the end of 2015, changes were made to the screening process."

"The screening period was shortened to 96 hours from 30 days,
for example."


Craig C said...

We need to agree to warn in advance when linking to a CBC website, it not only is likely Huawei central, it is one of the most obvious plces to contact a nasty virus, and it makes me feel dirty, not in a good way.

Neo Conservative said...

i made an exception here because
someone at pravda north screwed
up and released a poll critical
of the libranos stated policy.

perhaps it was a cry for help.

no doubt heads will roll.