10 June 2019

Diversity is our streng...

...sweet baby jebus...insert alt text here

BRAMPTON - The victim testified that some friends who also attended the Hindu Sabha temple told her they had been approached by others at the institution who asked if she would take money to drop the charges.

At a temple with a history of dispute among its leaders, others asked if she would accept money to proceed with the case, the decision said.
Sounds more like a crooked-ass casino than a place of worship.


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"There's lots of art that I don't like," he wrote. "I don't go around gathering signatures of people who agree with me, and try to force the art to come down."

"That would be truly offensive, especially in a democracy like Canada."

LAST WORD: Is Canada a shithole country?


Anonymous said...

old white guy says ---------- what happens to your country when you forget just who and what you are.

Neo Conservative said...

you have to remember a good part
of the world still runs on bribery
and corruption.


Anonymous said...

owg says --------- well, Canada does have a liberal government.