08 June 2019

Time to ban the Toronto Raptors

Remember... "if it only saves one life"...insert alt text here

A man was stabbed to death in the heart of the city early Saturday as Raptors fans filled the streets celebrating the team’s big Game 4 win of the NBA Finals.

The deadly stabbing occurred at Yonge and Charles Sts., south of Bloor St., around 12:15 a.m. There have been no arrests and no suspect description has been released in the city’s 27th murder of the year.
It's not the first Raptor-related incident involving extreme mayhem.


UPDATE: Victim id'd as James Andrew Smith, 52, of Toronto.


Hassan Gutale Ali, 52, of Toronto, who was found dead in a transitional housing complex at 145 Queen E. at Jarvis Street on Thursday is the victim of a homicide, Toronto police said Saturday.

Toronto’s 26th homicide of the year.

"Two people were rushed to hospital, after a shooting on a TTC bus in Etobicoke early Saturday morning. One of those victims has life-threatening injuries while the other is listed in serious but stable condition."

LAST WORD: The "Plastic Cutlery Ordinances" of 2019insert alt text here
"TPA President Mike McCormack said 283 officers retired or left the service in 2018 and another 133 have been lost this year. That means there are 416 fewer officers than there were at the start of last year."


Anonymous said...

old white guy says ---------- if the loss of cops hasn't changed anything I wonder why anyone would think more cops would improve the situation, if they keep doing the same things over and over?

Neo Conservative said...

toronto's record breaking homicide rate
last year suggests that it does indeed
have an effect.

the overtime blitz... making cops work
double shifts was a pr disaster.

the disbanding of TAVIS and abolishing
the carding program had immediate and
tragic results.

people ignore the mayhem because it's
black on black gangbanger violence.

over time that will change.