03 January 2017

Worried about competing with...

...China's "economic miracle?"...

The prevailing attitude is chabuduo, or ‘close enough’. It’s a phrase you’ll hear with grating regularity, one that speaks to a job 70 per cent done, a plan sketched out but never completed, a gauge unchecked or a socket put in the wrong size.

Chabuduo is the corrosive opposite of the impulse towards craftmanship.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says............the words, close enough for government work come to mind.

Anonymous said...

So true - Chinese high-end goods have a 90-100% failure rate inside warranty ... warranty is something they had to offer to crack North American markets. Essentially what they do is double the price of their slave-made goods sent to North America to cover the cost of warranty default ; if it breaks and you are pissed enough to claim on your warranty, they just tell you to throw the broken one in the weeds and send you a new unit - no such thing as warrant repair in high volume low value manufacturing.

If you know someone in electronics procurement, ask them about the quality of Chinese semi-conductors. But the plague of "Chabudo" runs on because both globalists and our Chinese bribed politicians want it to.

Neo Conservative said...

after a chinese concern bought out ibm's thinkpad laptop manufacturing, it was discovered that they were planting firmware backdoors on the machines. bye-bye government contracts.

here's a disquieting factoid... china makes 95% of the vitamin c in the world. ever wonder what special sauce goes into that product nowadays?


Bill E said...

Neo sez: "china makes 95% of the vitamin c in the world. ever wonder what special sauce goes into that product nowadays?"

Melamine - they put it in all the food - it's like flouride here - a government sponsored clandestine population control tool.

They put it in dog food and livestock food shipped here - the results were accelerated because the dosage was amped up.

I made the mistake of buying/eating some canned smoked oysters from China from a dollar store - never was sicker in my life - I read up on their shellfish farming industry and saw they were using city effluent water.

By now I think the whole country is one big heap of toxic pollution, corrupt business practices and corrupt government - like North Korea with ipads

Neo Conservative said...

bill... you're preaching to the converted".

so much for justin's "most admired dictatorship."