25 January 2017

Maybe it was those...

...magical pussy hats...insert alt text here

The Dow Jones Industrial Average just powered through the 20000 level for the first time ever, setting an all-time intraday high three trading days after the inauguration of Donald Trump. Moments after the open, the Dow shot up to 20033.77.
The lunatic left chose to characterise Trump as a Neanderthal... looks like corporate America doesn't have a problem with that.


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If Trump unleashes American know-how and strengthens the economy, then his cultural and domestic agendas, as well as his personal demeanor and language, however radical and jarring, will probably be accepted.
I imagine Hillary Clinton is stroking out right about now.


LAST WORD: Your loss, Toots!
“Trumponomics”, with its shift away from multilateral trading blocs, will not be allowed to “contaminate” Europe, a former European Union (EU) Trade Commissioner has insisted.
Sure, they can always use the Venezuelan model.


Anonymous said...

owg says.......Mary Tylor Moore died today, 80 years of age.

Neo Conservative said...

80 years... not a bad run for someone with early onset diabetes.


Anonymous said...

When I was just a kid My mom worked a crap job to keep us afloat, MTM was in My living room every night, kinda like a TV mom.

She was a wonderful person RIP