30 January 2017

If this WAS just one of those...

...crazy random things that happens in peace-lovin' Hogtown... I'm pattin' myself on the back for taking to the lifeboats back in 2001...

••• TORONTO ••• Homicide detectives are now sweeping the streets near George Brown College's St. James campus following a fatal shooting along George Street, between Adelaide and Richmond around 2:40 p.m.

"I see a guy standing over another guy on the sidewalk and he's firing into him repeatedly." Police say it's not yet known whether this was a targeted shooting.
That's T•dot's third murder of 2017.

Three, oops ... spoke too soon... five murders in January...theatre fodder
41-year-old Anthony Earl Smith and 24-year-old Dylan Gill

UPDATE: Victim #3 identified...
A man killed in a mid-afternoon shooting Monday has been identified as a 39-year-old from Quebec. Sources told CP24 the victim, Anastasios Leventis, is believed to be linked to the (aboriginal) drug trade and that he was targeted in what sources said was a gang-related shooting.

UPDATE2: And Ali makes 4...
Toronto police are investigating after an 18-year-old man was shot and killed in Regent Park. The man, who police have identified as Ali Rizeig, was shot multiple times outside a townhouse on Gerrard.

UPDATE3: Missed jailhouse murder... that's 5
Officers responded to an assault at the Toronto South Detention Centre on January 26th at 6:30 pm after a fight broke out between two inmates. Victor Ogundipe 41, was rushed to hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries.
As befits Toronto's rich cultural diversity, all 5 individuals are from various minority communities.

Just more fodder for Toronto's thriving artistic community... click on picture above for details.


Anonymous said...

Quebec city seems jealous and is trying to make their mark in the urban shooting gallery comp.

Neo Conservative said...

don't forget that quebec is the most insular, inward looking province in canada, with their language police and general disdain of anglos.

one of the things they insisted on was provincial control over immigration... to try bring in as many french speaking (or non-anglo) individuals as possible.


Neo Conservative said...

UPDATE: toronto the good?

"In November 2012, police carried out a raid there looking for another Hells Angels associate, Mihale Leventis, alleged to be one of six leaders of a vast “consortium” of gangsters stretching from British Columbia to Quebec that made $50 million in six months importing cocaine from Mexican drug cartels."

the late anastasios leventis isn't just another regent park mope... he is mihale leventis little brother.

we could be looking at a tit for tat drug war here.