02 January 2017

The "Ferguson Effect"

Here's what happens when you emasculate local law enforcement...insert alt text here

The interview with CBS's "60 Minutes" focuses on the 80 percent decline in street stops by Chicago police and fall in arrests this year, even as the homicide rate soars to more than 750 people killed.

It repeats a narrative that has been repeatedly told locally since Mayor Rahm Emanuel in October 2015 said cops had gone "fetal" in the face of protests about police violence.
Well, for what it's worth... the final tally was just shy of 800, but hey... who's counting?totalsKnow how many of those were killed by cops? Brace yourself, Buttercup... a grand total of 11... not quite 1.5%.


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Call it naivety, stupidity or a misreading of the situation, but Vaca said at the time he was sure they would not shoot him.
Who is gonna doubt a felon's word? Not CBS.


Anonymous said...

owg says.........this is the cost of liberal democrat control. who cares.

Anonymous said...

The globalist overlords who planned and funded the new anti-cop, tribal lawlessness black political pressure groups did so with the intent that if successful, removing law enforcement and lawful behavior from inner city black culture would yield a 2 prong result - it would accelerate inner city self-actuated genocide and it would weaken law enforcement's will to do their job, thus dropping recruiting and by default escalating more lawlessness.

Perfect way to deconstruct an ordered rule of law society/culture. Pure Bolshevik street-politik - we same globalist policy in effect in GTA

Neo Conservative said...

the social justice warriors seem bent on tearing down the existing system and replacing it with anarchy.

the best example is blm insisting on "no policing zones" in the black community.

well, looks like they got their wish in chicago.