04 January 2017


Safety Break!!! Nobody works... nobody gets hurt...

"I don't feel that because of the fact that some people physically can't walk stairs we should refrain from designing stairs or objects like this. That is like no longer making paintings because blind people can't see them."
"People in a coma are unable to use public space at all. Discrimination!"


Anonymous said...

owg says.............they need an elevator so folks like me can ride to the top and look down and see the interesting design.

Neo Conservative said...

i believe there is some sort of funky elevator being installed as well.

not gonna help those coma patients though.


Bill E said...

Reminds me of an Escher print -


But knowing the designers deep belief in fabian masonic symbolism it's probably an artistic redesign of the fabian-masonic ideal of the bee hive as a symbol of efficient order both socially and structurally - it symbolizes a structured order with a small elite, a large obedient worker class, a soldier class to keep order and a drone class there to service the elite - a top down natural pyramid both socially and structurally - the perfect natural model for human society.

Ever get the feeling you are just a worker bee for someone else's benefit?