05 January 2017

Sure, Trump is pure evil...

...but a party's a party.

Of course the reality is a little different...

"This guy is interested in trying to please the people who elected him, not the urban swells who write for or read the NYT or WaPo – he knows they will never stop loathing him even if he somehow simultaneously cures cancer, brings world peace, and convinces Coldplay to disband."
The problem for the media is that Trump is gonna be Trump... regardless of how they feel.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
"Funny how this story never made it to the CBC where 52% of Canada's alleged "journalists" pick up their cheques."


Anonymous said...

This is great having the Clintons on stage as Trump is sworn in, when he's finished giving oath to uphold the constitutional rule of law, he can turn to the Clintons and hand them their orange jump suits and se what size they take.

Re: the Trudeau-Wynne-Notley created depression - we can only prey it is too bad and obvious for the CBC to spin by calling the resultant poverty, unemployment, despair, broken families and suicide, "a necessary downturn to an over heated economy".

Start boiling the tar now, we have a lot of Librnos to dip.

Neo Conservative said...

i'll be watching just to see hillary die a little bit as trump is sworn in.

actually wouldn't be surprised to see her stroke out on stage.