13 January 2017


O'Leary isn't Trump, he's closer to Ignatieff, a Canadian who lives and works in the USA, calls himself an American, and figures the top job might look good on his resume. So, no, this socialist paradise isn't ready for a Trump, yet.

Maybe by 2019 Trudeau will have destroyed our economy so completely we will be looking for a straight talking non-pc leader, but it isn't O'Leary, a liberal-lite American.


Bill E said...

O'Leary IS Trump in only one key aspect - he is not a career politician, he is a successful private businessman who probably doesn't need the crap he will be facing from the entrenched globalist left in politics and the media.

However, to me, this does not mean he is unconnected with the power structure oligarchs or holds their hegemonic control freak agendas in contempt as Trump does - is he a populist?

Kelly Leitch, OTOH, is a committed libertarian who wants to roll back globalist regulatory tyranny and nation-killing agendas - but I doubt if she is a marketable commodity.

Neo Conservative said...

"bill e says... I doubt if she is a marketable commodity."

isn't that exactly what they said about trump?