04 January 2017

Remember, the government...

...still has trouble delivering your mail... and that has your name on it...

“What all this reminds me of is Francis Galton and eugenics. The real criminal, in these cases, are people who are perpetrating this idea, not the people who are being looked at.”
Healthy skepticism about our political overlords is always a good thing.


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"How hard would it be for the government to figure out all of our religious beliefs – citizens and non-citizens alike — without asking?"


Bill E said...

Interesting reference to the arch-eugenicists and social order patriarchs - Gaulton, Malthus, Darwin - their misanthropic social order theories rage on in the ranks of the demented elite which prominently populate and advise our ruling class and government.

Read the Georgia guide stones - the new age crypto-Malthusian one world order utopia spelled out in a creepy stonehenge epic format.


Their idological bottom line is that there are too many of us (soiled plebes) to be easily controlled, so we must find methods to trim down our numbers (and make us ask for the culling) before they can drop the authoritarian hammer of the new world social order

- there are lots of these creeps in Government and this is the sole reason WHY it should NEVER be trusted or allowed of the leash of constitutional control.