10 January 2017

"If conformity is so bad..."

"...then stop asking everyone else to conform with your deviance..."


Anonymous said...

owg says............child abuse.

Bill E said...

The parent of this cross dressed "gender creative" kid is openly engaging in child abuse - putting a kid through unneeded mental torture over some insane leftard gender ideology - any authoritative psyche manual will tell you kids are not even sexual until they are pre-teen until then they are a blank slate. This woman is raising a self made psycho basket case that will likely cost society to either care for or jail.

The old saw about "my mother made me a homosexual" rings true here. The poor kid should be in CPS and taken away from this loon.

Neo Conservative said...

the mother knows the child is suffering and is well aware of the reason. there's no way she can believe this kid prefers wearing a pink shirt over having friends.

instead of sticking this boy into a pair of overalls and letting him blend in with his peers, she's willing to inflict horrible, lasting psychological damage.

i agree... someone should call children's aid.