29 January 2017

Prime Minister Paris Hilton needs to...

...stop thinking and talking and go back to his strengths...imbecile

"The Liberal Party’s popularity is slipping on the heels of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s 10-stop cross-country town hall tour."

"According to the latest Nanos Weekly National Ballot Tracking, the Liberals’ current ballot support is slipping below 40 per cent."
Watch the Libranos pivot back to "Justin, Justin... show us your tits!"


robins111 said...

When I consider that those popularity polls were done by the same people who had Reptillary at a 99% chance of winning, I must conclude that realistically Justy is about as popular as a 4 day old road killed skunk..

Bill E said...

Linkee brokee

Bill E said...

I think you were referring to the poll in the people's red star? If so the gist of the fake poll was that Prince selfie's honeymoon approval with the voters is "down" from the mid 50s to 42%.

Given that it was only the corporate fake news (with wads of Soros payola in their vests) that has gaga for the challenged Princeling in the first place, this admission denotes a much deeper abandonment of Great-hair climate policy as the pain of cererally-challenged climate taxing and spending and debt kicks in - we note it is the two energy-starved-in-the-midst-of-abundance provinces where the fall out is greatest.

This at a time when the conservatives hve no viable leader to offer as contrast - this is shear public backlash and it is non partisan - I remain convinced this fool on the hill will be a one term wonder.

Neo Conservative said...

link fixed... thx...


Rick Thomson said...

Stop thinking? That would mean that he had started at some point in time, and I have trouble with that concept.

Neo Conservative said...

rick... you mean like calling alexandre bissonette a terrorist... and refusing to do the same for michel zehaf bibeau?

say... what percentage of justin's papineau riding is muslim?

just curious.