13 January 2017

Get out your decoder rings

You're a fighter... you get Popeye...you get a v@gina tat... and send it out to the entire world... you're a what?loud and clearAnd... if they ever cross paths... he'll probably ask her to autograph it.


Anonymous said...

After 40some years of sex with any species willing, I bet Madonna has had (ahem) "cosmetic surgery" so she doesn't trip over her stretched-out lady parts.

bocanut said...

Ann coulter on Madonna's tat:
"Madonna vagina tattoo to protest Trump is not as silly as you think. More people will see that than CNN & MSNBC combined."

Neo Conservative said...

too true, but at what point does the material "girl" stop flashing her lady bits on the intertubes... will i be subjected to her wrinkly, octagenarian vagina in the decades yet to come?