17 January 2017

Community Organizer?

More like Divider-in-Chief...

This anodyne term was created by Chicago leftist Saul Alinsky who created the position to “rub raw the sores of discontent”.
Many thought Obama's moderate sounding speeches meant he had tossed Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals in the dustbin. Instead, upon entering the White House, he created Organizing for Action, which has trained 5 million Americans in Alinsky tactics.

When I said, “My favorite part of the Obama era is all the racial healing” two years ago, I thought I could retire the tweet in January 2017. But perhaps the Obama era is just getting started.

FROM THE COMMENTS: Behold... "Generation Snowflake"
"So now we are left with a bloated race grievance/ identity politics industrial complex that he nurtured. What are these people going to do?

Get real jobs, get real clients? I think not."
And speaking of untouchable cultural icons...mlk
“Not even Ann Coulter included one of the biggest names of all. You know, the guy with his own national holiday.”
Apparently Hillary Clinton was unavailable for comment.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of race baiters and opportunists, I read somewhere that MLK offered to "procure" for Jackie Kennedy, but she declined this kind offer. Later she was so disgusted by his "vileness" that she told a friend and interviewer that she could barely look at images of him;

At the time the US media scorned her for her un-progressive views. Later it came out The widowed first lady had heard secret wiretaps arranged by FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover had told MRs. Kennedy that King tried to arrange a sex party while in town for the March on Washington, and told Robert Kennedy that King had made derogatory comments during the president's funeral.

Neo Conservative said...

former fellow traveller and black civil rights icon ralph abernathey got himself, no pun intended, "blacklisted" for revealing similar stories about mlk in a book he wrote.