13 January 2017

Federal laws are for "little people"

Trudeau said he never provided the commissioner with a list of friends and relatives that could be connected to government business nor did he disclose his relationship ahead of time with the Aga Khan.
All told, Justin's billionaire buddy has received $310 million Canadian taxpayer dollars for his "charitable" works.

And it just keeps getting better...
Before Christmas, the prime minister was deflecting criticism over the so-called cash-for-access fundraising issue in which senior ministers, including Trudeau, were rubbing shoulders with millionaires in exchange for the cash.

Worried that Trudeau’s brand as a middle-class hero was at risk by spending so much time with the world’s wealthiest people, the PMO hastily set up what his office is dubbing a national “listening tour” so Trudeau could “remain connected with Canadians.”
Hey Canada... how do you like your millionaire trust fund baby now?


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Liberal response to aboriginal murder spree... "let's play basketball!"
A group of high school students from a remote Saskatchewan First Nation devastated by a school shooting last year were given a whirlwind introduction to Toronto this week, including court time in the Toronto Raptors’ training gym with coach Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
I guess this is supposed to divert attention from Justin schmoozing billionaire pal Aga Khan and his Chinese millionaire supporters.

Once again, the triumph of reality television over substance.


Bill E said...

This is the third legal compromise I know of (there are probably more we don't know of) from PM Tater Tot. This establishes a trend in disregarding lawful/ethical protocols and reveals a mindset dismissive of public service propriety.

I think he really believes that this stuff does not apply to hoser royals, but guess what prince selfie, it sho do!

Martin said...

The fact that Jr habitually has to confer with the ethics commissioner tells us a lot about his personal moral compass. What sort of person needs an Orwellian construct like ethics commissioner to assure him that his actions are correct? When someone is elected as MP. or party leader one expects them to have some idea what acceptable behaviour looks like, But this individual doesn't and the continued enabling actions of Mary Dawson do not help him understand. This was evident years ago when he supplemented an MP's salary with lavish speaking engagements to schools and charities, anyone could have told him this was unethical, still Dawson approved and Jr kept the money in his bank account. Canadians forewarned, but elected him anyway.

Neo Conservative said...

apparently, canadians are more interested in jusin's pecs than his ethical compass. it seems you get the government you deserve.