20 January 2017

Paramedics rushed to the scene...

...after Hillary Clinton starts bleeding from her ears...insert alt text here

"On the morning of the Donald Trump's inauguration, his senior adviser Kellyanne Conway dressed in a Gucci jacket she described as 'Trump Revolutionary Wear.' She did a little dance in her outfit before answering reporters' questions."
11:53 am EST - Vice President Pence sworn in by Justice Clarence Thomas.

11:59 am EST - President Donald J. Trump sworn in by U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts. Now officially the President of the United States.


Bill E said...

The speech he gave will go down as the best presidential address since Gettysberg. It was a glorious day for the free republic.

Neo Conservative said...

meanwhile, here in canada... all the bernie bros are yelling "syria first!!!"

i bet all the refugees have a family doctor... meanwhile i'm stuck running to the hospital emergency department.