26 January 2016

Well geez, Heather...

...let me clear that up for you... HE MURDERED FOUR PEOPLE IN COLD BLOOD...bullied, huh?The media narrative is all about the bullying the shooter allegedly suffered at the hands of classmates at the local school.

Perhaps a more pertinent point is... what exactly, isn't the media and law enforcement allowed to talk about?


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...is hang all the lawyers...

The Crown said that Niran’s blood was on the knife, and the accused’s DNA was on the handle of the weapon.

Earlier in the day, Hafizi, represented by Oliver Abergel and Howard Krongold, formally pleaded not guilty.


BDFT said...

What surprises me the most in all this is that no one has blamed the gun yet. Maybe because it was just a run-of-the-mill seen one seen 'em all shotgun. They have blamed Stephen Harper though, apparently he never gave them enough money. Considering the government never gave me any money to raise my kids, its a wonder they survived at all.

Neo Conservative said...

so, i imagine the lawyers and the media will go with the venerable "bullying deserves the death penalty"defense... but are they saying the two teachers were in on it?

"According to three sources inside the building at the time of the killings, the teen dared people to tease him about his ears."

"The teen reportedly passed over more than one student who had treated him with kindness."

well, i guess that makes it all right... he's a compassionate killer.

just, please gawd, don't shoot anyone who attempted to stab two women on a streetcar.

and... forget about evidence, logic and common sense... let's just get rid of the bad juju... canadian taxpayers are good for it...

The acting mayor of La Loche says he wants the community's high school torn down to help residents move past the trauma of Friday's mass shooting. "Personally, I want that school to be rebuilt," Janvier said. "Torn down, rebuilt -- a whole new structure -- because of the trauma that happened on January 22, 2016."

are you fucking kidding me? here's a thought... how about, every time a drunk driver kills someone, we ban that model of car from canadian roads?


Anonymous said...

we spend over 100k per person living on reserve property. why can't they look after themselves? close down the federal bureaucracy responsible for this nonsense and give the Indians a pension that they can live on and save us 7 or 8 billion a year. if they don't use the money to fix their own problems too bad.

Bill Elder said...

If these apologists really need an answer to the question of exactly what this killer is, I'll provide it for nothing - he's a PRODUCT.

A product of the behavioural examples set by family and community and a product of the solutions he has witnessed many in his community resort to.

Wanna stop this? Clean up your own back yard chief.

As for who is the victim? - obviously those innocents who got on the wrong side of this miscreant when he was having a petulant snit from not being a rock star, nut in a larger sense it will be all of us normal well adjusted people (many who own guns) who will be blamed for the socialization failings of the apartheid cultures who fill our jails with their mistakes.

Bill Elder said...

"Personally, I want that school to be rebuilt," Janvier said. "Torn down, rebuilt -- a whole new structure -- because of the trauma that happened on January 22, 2016."

Pretty mercenary for such a "spiritual" culture don't you think?

The only place an obvious shakedown like this plays well is in white-guilt-metrosexual-ville, (AKA Ottawa) Sask is immune to this aboriginal you-owe-us shakedown, as far as westerners are concerned that ended at Loon Lake and Batoche.

Norman said...

If they have known about this problem for years, how come the native indian leaders have not dealt with it? This is a tragic incident that rests squarely on the shoulders of the band leadership.

Neo Conservative said...

"norman asks... If they have known about this problem for years..."

good question. here's another... what are the police & media not telling you about this horrific act? they've decides the narrative is bullying at the school. that's all the public will hear.

thing is, when you decide to commit mass murder like this (not a random spree), you most certainly know you will be caught, so typically you start with the folks you want dead most. that wasn't the alleged school bullies. there's your starting point.

follow the thread and the story becomes something else entirely.