25 January 2016

Sunny Ways... first principles

Let's face it, Canada... even terrorists need to feel loved.kill em all, let allah sort em out

Repealing the Conservative's Bill C-24, which allows the government to strip Canadian citizenship from dual citizens who are convicted of terrorism-related offences.
And, of course, there's this...
"The Conservatives had imposed changes to bureaucrats sick-leave policies that saved hundreds of millions a year, money that will now be added to the deficit."
Got too much money in your pocket? Don't worry... Justin Trudeau is gonna fix that too.


LAST WORD: Government by "procrastination"
"The CF-18s are due to end their Syrian mission in a few weeks anyway. A bit more stalling and the Liberals won't have to keep their pledge to end the mission early."
Can a Nobel "Peace Prize" be far behind?


Bill Elder said...

I notice there are 2 major TV promo spots featuring PM Sonnywaze coming up - a CTV-Woopie Goldberg/Obumbles type ladies nattering circle coffee clutch kinda thing (man-boy-self should be "up" for that,getting old bags damp is his specialty)and a public address on CBC which is shaping up like an Obama style sit-rep of the rainbow sunny ways nation.

It seems PM Selfie's handlers are very unimaginative copycats mimicking the Obama PR talking face administration - POTUS/PM on constant PR tour while the nation is plundered by the nefarious party insiders.

There is one major difference though, which will be interesting to see play out - a litmus test of the media's marketing ability. We have witnessed the media selling of the leadership in the US and Canada - both are deeply narcissistic

However, Obama is/was a sociopathic radical who is sharp on his feet and puts on a superb act of being a regular reasonable guy with a gift of eloquent persuasion - PM Selfie is a stumbling empty headed trust fund idiot who is inarticulate, gaffe-prone, maudlin and a really really bad actor - you can read him like a book and the stench of insincerity and elitist arrogance sucks the air out of any space he enters - it will take Hurculean task of media party fixers to keep the polish on such an obvious dead pig - we live in amusing times.

"There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls."

George Carlin

Neo Conservative said...

the good news for conservatives is that justin is an intellectual featherweight. unfortunately, that's also the bad news for most canadians over the next four years.


Anonymous said...

The even badder bad news is that the people who elected him are even bigger intellectual featherweights than he is which means that we could end up with the dolt in the PM's chair for the rest of our natural lives.

Neo Conservative said...

the sad truth is most people would rather watch a peewee herman, paris hilton or justin trueau than a robert sapolsky.

it's the age of the celebutard.