28 January 2016

It's not like it's costing us...

...twelve billion dollars annual... wait a minute...

Reserve schools are failing Canada’s aboriginal students and there is no quick-and-easy fix, says a new report from the C.D. Howe Institute. A study released Thursday by the research group found that only four of 10 young adults living on reserves across the country have finished high school.

Those figures contrast sharply with graduation rates of seven out of 10 for off-reserve aboriginals and nine out of 10 for non-aboriginals.
It's time to abolish the reserve system and bring these people into the 21st century.


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Letter from John Ferguson to William Claus, Deputy Superintendent General, Indian Affairs, 5 March 1819, concerning threats made by Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte to passers-by; the influence of white lumbermen over the Mohawks; lineage (in relation to a General Order on 2 November 1818 that presents should not be given to the descendants of Europeans):

“Will not a difficulty arise, as to who these people are? In the Mohawk village here, a large proportion are the immediate (perhaps the second generation) descendants of Germans; there is also a family of immediate descendants of Africans: Are they to be considered as Indians? There are also some descendants of Americans, whose ancestors were Europeans. Will they come within the intention of the Order? In fact there are but few real Indians amongst them.”
It's a scam, folks. And for two centuries we've all (including the supposed aboriginals) been paying for it.


LAST WORD: "Prime Minister Selfie"

Wanna meet the new PM? It's easy... just jump an immigration waiting line, or commit serial murder and he'll be there with bells on... whether he's wanted or not...
On Wednesday, acting mayor Kevin Janvier said the town was in mourning, and asked reporters to keep their distance. "As we continue to grieve, we ask the media to please respect our privacy.”
Yup... that could happen.


LASTER WORD: Just kidding, right Kevin?
Practically the whole town came out to meet Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after he landed in La Loche, Sask., on Friday afternoon.


Bill Elder said...

"It's time to abolish the reserve system and bring these people into the 21st century."

Absolutely ! And with this goes the apartheid culture of endless dependency and welfare victimhood.

I like the last part there - the historical accounting of ancestry does not line up with the current claims demands.

Neo Conservative said...

in 1869, local historian wrote that there was "only one full blooded mohawk left in the bay of quinte area."

bear in mind the bay of quinte mohawks were not native to canada... they were immigrants from the mohawk valley in new york state where there was plenty of intermarriage with the wiley white man.


Bill Elder said...

Mohawks are also not treaty natives - they are wards of the British Crown - there's a whole crapload of legal wrangling over wheter they are our responsibility or not - AFAIC, find'em a job on tobacco plantations and sin tax havens and let them scoop the current fed monopoly rackets - go Mohawk tobacco/liquor/pot/gaming barrons!

Neo Conservative said...

the land the b-o-q mohawks claim was stolen from them... the so-called "culbertson tract"... was actually sold by chief john culbertson who was not, as you might think, a wiley white man... but a grandson of chief john deserontyon. it became the town of deseronto.

the british government had meant for reserve land not to be sold, but a great many of the mohawk elders and chiefs did things like deeding land to each other to muddy the audit trail and then sold off these lands to enrich themselves. the crown tried to fight this but ultimately could not control the chicanery.

present day aboriginals are suing because their ancestors ripped them off.

up to and at the time of his death even chief joseph brant was trying to sell off land at the brantford reserve.

german farmers were brought into brantford to teach the hunter-gathering tribes how to farm. as there was a history of german-american integration dating back to the mohawk valley days in new york, this was acceptable to residents on the rez. the rate of intermarriage with white settlers served to erase the cultural divide with non-aboriginal upper canada.

the fact that so many people blindly accept the narrative about natives being swindled shows blatant disregard for the historical record.


Dollops said...

The notion of Aboriginal ownership of land is completely bogus. It has always been that lands have been controlled by those who could, and for the benefit of those who depended upon it for their living. A hunter-gatherer tribal chief defended a territory and apportioned its resources as he pleased. With the onset of nations with complex economies it was no longer within the chiefs' ability to control either the use of resources or the living that "his" people could gain through employment. Only misguided governments and judges keep the primitive chieftainship alive in a time when it is irrelevant. No chieftainship -- no aboriginal claim to land.

Neo Conservative said...

there's a pretty well documented history of aboriginal tribes enslaving the wives & children of enemies they killed, never mind the early aboriginal appetite for human (aka jesuit missionary) flesh.

funny... all the media talks about is native wisdom... nobody ever talks about aboriginal slavery or cannibalism.

let's just hope they don't revert to these early cultural practices.


Anonymous said...

Neo another thing that the media never mentions is the "quality of the parenting"that create the majority of the problems on the reserves. The indians have been put into the mind set by the reserve situation that whitey owes them a living. The MSM and politicians are shit scared to talk about this for fear of being labeled as a racist. I guess I am a racist.

R Connon

Neo Conservative said...

as far as quaility of parenting goes...

"Almost half of all children living in foster care in 2011 were Aboriginal."

"The rate of deaths from injuries is 3 to 4 times higher for Aboriginal
children than for other children in Canada."