06 January 2016

Remember back when you were a kid...

...the cops rolled up on a knife wielding druggie... he could just scare them all into running away? Yeah... me neither.

“If he obeys any one of the dozen commands that were given — if he puts down the knife, Mr. Yatim lives to be put on trial for his criminal conduct and none of us are here today.”
Done and done.


Bill Elder said...

The pious left have assumed the roll of moral armchair quarterbacks in second guessing the judgement of police on the street - although there is plenty of police abuses and overreach to punish, this isn't one of them.

As the cops say this was a "clean shoot". The goblin in question got a faster release from the cops than me and my boot knife would have given him.

AFAIC, police should have a les than 1 min response time to calls from public transit and a shoot first policy where threats to public safety on transit are concerned - my reasoning is because we have recently imported the same type of criminals we see doing knife attacks at European and Israeli train stations and buses. Cops will be slow to respond if proggy prosecutors indemnify them for doing their job with these foamy-mouthed curs set loose on the streets.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says..........true story. I was in a pub about 30 years ago. a guy came in stoned out of his mind, he had a small axe in his hands and went from table to table looking for someone, i guess the someone was to get the axe, as it were. Two cops showed up. One walked around to face the guy the other stood out of his view. The cop out of the axeman's view charged him from behind and the second cop from the front. They took the guy down and launched him through the doors to the sidewalk, no guns, no mace, no taser, just muscle. The customers were very appreciative.

Neo Conservative said...

as you've said... the siu should have called this a good shoot back at "his penis in one hand & switchblade in the other."

this kid had snakes in his head and justin juice in his veins and he was looking for a showdown. he tried to murder the women at the back of the streetcar.

you call the tune, sammy... you pay the piper.

officer forcillo should get a commendation, not this public pillorying.