21 January 2016

Thin edge of the wedge

Kathleen Wynne's Liberals shelling out for colleges that she, the Premier of Ontario, wouldn't be allowed to attend...

TORONTO -- Two publicly funded Ontario colleges have opened campuses in Saudi Arabia that don't allow women, and the province's minister of post-secondary education says it's up to schools to decide which students to admit.

Colleges and Universities Minister Reza Moridi said decisions on the operation of a campus, including student composition, are up to each college's board of governors.
Good use of taxpayer monies?
Jack Wilson of OPSEU local 415 at Algonquin said the college's board of governors fell into an awkward silence after one member asked how comfortable they were establishing a Saudi campus that would teach only men.

"You could see that people didn't think this question was going to be asked," Wilson said in an interview.

UPDATE: Wynne shocked, shocked I say...
Colleges and Universities Minister Reza Moridi, who had earlier said it was up to colleges to determine the student makeup on their campuses, said Thursday he was concerned that women were excluded from the Ontario-run campuses.

Wynne says she told Moridi to meet with the two colleges as soon as she found out about the situation, which she says has “got to change.”

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...is busy looting the Treasury...
OTTAWA -- The federal budget watchdog says the Liberals' tax-bracket changes will drain on average about $100 million more per year from the public treasury than the government expects.

The Liberals had initially projected the adjustments -- which include the creation of a new, upper bracket -- to be revenue-neutral. But last month they acknowledged the plan will actually lower government revenues by more than $8.2 billion over six years.

The parliamentary budget office now says that figure will be $8.9 billion.


Bill Elder said...

Wynn is living proof most people don't care if you're telling them the truth or if you're telling them a lie, as long as they're entertained by it.

Neo Conservative said...

"bill elder says... most people don't care..."

sadly, you may be on to something.


Anonymous said...

Did anyone ask about their policy toward LGBTQ . . . etc. etc. students?

Pissedoff said...

Being a lesbian she may even be stoned to death, if allowed into the country,

Frances said...

Actually, it's a lot worse for our PM's favourite demographic. His government ham have reduced the federal income tax rate by 0.5%, but they have seriously changed the Canadian Child Tax Benefit so that anyone making over about $65,000 and having 3 children will see a reduction of about 24% in said CTTB for every dollar earned over the threshold. So much for helping the middle class.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says.........now all they have to do is cut spending by 9 billion and all will be well.

Neo Conservative said...

the sheer ignorance and thoughtlessness of the liberals, both federal & provincial, just leaves me breathless.

not content to turn our cultural norms upside down... they are apprently determined to bankrupt the country in the process.


Neo Conservative said...


cbc radio doing a show on refugees...

"elderly people with canes, babies with (no word of a lie) their own little backpacks"