29 January 2016

The only people in the world...

..who've surrendered more times than the French...run away, flee, flee**********

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...the war has already begun...

Though these two threats seem similar, they couldn’t be more different. One is an unpreventable freak occurrence and the other is part of a general trend to wipe out the West. The terrorists are not a freak occurrence. They are all following the same handbook.

We can pretend only a tiny fraction of Muslims have any malice toward us, but the numbers range from 25 percent to way past 75 percent. That’s at least 3 million potential terrorists in America who think “violence is acceptable against infidels
The New World Order is gonna be a little different from what the beknighted left has been screaming about.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says..........find me a muslim who will stand shoulder to shoulder with "the infidel" and i will show you someone who is not a muslim.

Bill Elder said...

The North American Jihad will not be like the Euro invasion - believe me. IF Canadians totally let me down and put up with that shit here it’ll surprise me and I'm on my way to the bunker.

But I don't think they will - This kind of Neanderthal Izzy shit may wash clean in urban sewers like Montreal, GTA and Vancouver or Edmonton, but I can't see the people I know in places like Fredericton, Rimouski, Val d'or, Timmins, Wabigoon, Gimli, Qu Appelle, Moose Jaw, Swift Current, Med-Hat, Red Deer, Sparwood, Revelstoke, Prince Rupert or 10s of thousands of other Canadian communities uninfected with pussyfart Leftard metrosexuals putting up with it - you know; Liberal fly-over country (AKA Real Canada)

In Real Canada any hockey dad or blue collar guy would reduce any greasy goat-pumping goblin to a skid mark on the pavement if they saw what is occurring in Europe to women and seniors. If they pulled these Euro stunts in Heartland Canada it, will not end well for them – I think they know it. I agree with you Neo, that if this Euro-styled Jihad happens here it will be confined to the large Metro areas where the welfare goodies are lush and the men are leftard geldings.

If things go as bad as Europe all over North America, the political class realize they become the enemy by default when they invite the goblins here then fail to protect civilians from the goblins. They know they will share the contempt and loathing of a free people and they risk their own right to rule by abandoning our 800yr old social contract of POGG (Peace Order and Good Government) – but I believe the resident political Oligarchy are not that stupid – Unlike the Euro polis, they won’t risk pushing 40 million armed North American citizens to the brink of civil unrest ( I realize the radical left have been spoiling for the culture war to go hot, but it won’t happen as cooler heads are still at the helm). So they will find excuses to deal with any issues, quietly, decisively and with all the face saving narratives attached.

Watch Europe - the struggle there is essentially between citizens and their own ruling class (when hasn’t it been?) - the political class has lost its legitimate claim to govern by abandoning its duty to protect its citizens and national borders – they now act against citizens in defending migrant invader criminals – astonished Euros see this – so they are arming and organizing and soon there will be vigilance groups and a reactionary return to xenophobic nationalism to restore peace in the streets – and as history repeats itself, it will not go well for unapologetic Islamist sorts after that ( think Bosnia conflict Europe-wide). The local polis must be stupid buggers to keep fronting for the effete scumbags in Brussels causing all this - they will be the ones the people will take their anger out on - don't think the astute polis here are unaware of the dangerous repercussions of failing to protect the public in this social experiment of Islamic inclusion in the utopian multicult rainbow. I suspect the wiser Liberals are cautious and quietly allowing the RCMP and CSIS to intervene in the screening - just like the Haperites did.

If not, there's always Med-Hat or Rimouski ;-)

Neo Conservative said...

"the dangerous repercussions of failing to protect the public in this social experiment of Islamic inclusion"

there are 25,000 chances for justin trudeau's little experiment to go wrong. let's hope it doesn't result in a mass casualty event.


Dollops said...

Let's not forget that it is benighted voters who keep turning out for the beknighted liberals. Our battle with them must be won before there is any point in saving their sorry backsides from their fellow Western Civilization haters. Better still, dust off those Western separation impulses (Stewart, BC is the only Pacific port town that would be acceptable) and let's show the world what free people with limited government can do.

Bill Elder said...

Neo said: "there are 25,000 chances for justin trudeau's little experiment to go wrong. let's hope it doesn't result in a mass casualty event.

As I said Neo, this is the hill which PM Selfie and the Sonnywayze party have decided to plant their flag and die on - I think it is a stupid thing to gamble it all on because it is a thing of no value to the party fortunes - there is no net benefit to any nation who takes in this type of trouble, least of all a political organization and its politicians who will be held directly accountable for the damages.