20 January 2016

Marketplace... the lost episodes

Yes, Virginia, it's knuckle-dragging neo-conservative magic...

easy to aim"They're so easy to use that an untrained CBC reporter was able to hit a bullseye at the range, something he couldn't do with the standard pistol and shotgun."
So, what you're saying is... "'restricted' so-called 'assault rifles' are actually safer than plain old everyday shotguns?"

And while we're on changes to the Toronto Police Force, er... Service...
The head of the union representing the city’s front-line cops is fighting back after Deputy Chief Peter Sloly told a community forum that Toronto could probably make do with several hundred “fewer officers.”

Sloly also reportedly told the forum that the TPS is “wasting money on infrastructure” and could probably eliminate several hundred officers just by leveraging “big data.”
Who needs big guns when you can get big data?


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A male is dead following a shooting in Etobicoke, Toronto police have confirmed. It happened in the Kipling Avenue and The Kingsway area a short time ago.

The victim – whose age was not immediately provided – was pronounced dead at the scene, police said.
And again...
One man is dead and another has been injured following a double shooting in Scarborough late Wednesday night. It happened at around 11:30 p.m. near Morecambe Gate, located in the area of Victoria Park Avenue and Finch Avenue.
Yup, fewer cops.... just what the doctor ordered.


LAST WORD: She's deeply committed to... Hillary
Broadcast TV viewers in New Hampshire should recognize Hillary Clinton's stance on gun control by now. One in four political ads she's aired in the state over the past month has been about tougher gun laws.

But in Iowa, only one in seventeen of Clinton's spots has featured her stance on gun control.


Bill Elder said...

I don't think they really know what they are saying - there is no such thing as an "assault rifle" except in the lexicon of paranoid urban media types, and hand guns are by definition a "defensive " firearm, Shotguns have maximum stopping power in close quarters combat and affrd the greatest public safety in the case of projectiles which stray off target.

I think this is just another gratuitous/incestuous CBC propaganda piece promoting the militarization of the civilian police function - they go off narrative here from their normal "evil assault weapons on the streets" hysteria to a conflicting dichotomy of that rant - black guns are baaaaad, except that when they tell us the evil "assault carbine" is gooooood for the "safety of police" - the obvious message being it (effective armed security) is not good for the "safety" of Joe and Jolene lunch bucket - who must spend their whole day unarmed in the same environment and risks police are arming up against.

It's then endless CBC/Libran saw about the state's monopoly on armed self defense - ok for the patrician class their pretorian guards but not for the soiled plebs.

Obviously Pravda Kanada is showing its schizoid duality in this little mind fart packaged up all warm and fuzzy for public consumption.

Neo Conservative said...

"an untrained CBC reporter"

well, that could be just about any of them. sorry, ceeb... you're gonna have to be more specific.


BDFT said...

'Pistols and shotguns are antiquated weapons that are no match for an assault rifle.'
Antiquated you say? They fail to mention that the C8 is a 50 year old design. I guess it was newer than the rifle used in New Brunswick, a perfectly legal copy of a 63 year old design and in Mayerthorpe, a prohibited 65 year old design.

Frances said...

Has anyone ever asked the CBC talking head what one is supposed to do when one is being besieged by armed nasties and the RCMP are 20 minutes away?

Bill Elder said...

"an untrained CBC reporter"

Maybe they didn't intend it but the way it would come across to a 'Tranna greenhorn is if you need police styled "safety" and security from street goblins in your home, you need something easy to use- something effective - something even a waspy, lispy limp-dik Ceeb reporter can shoot bulls eyes with - wonder if CBC was flooded with calls about where people can pick one of these sure fire goblin stopper up - d'ya think? - No?

Neo Conservative said...

"bill elder asks... where people can pick one of these sure fire goblin stopper up"

just wait until some under-trained, over enthusiastic cop lets a couple of copper jacketed .223 fireballs loose on a busy toronto street... not realising that they will travel right through their intended miscreant meatsack and kill some innocent dogwalker a kilometre away.