19 January 2016

We sure wouldn't want to hurt...

...the Ayatollah's feelings...

The two people familiar with the probe said the current investigation, led by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, expanded after Bissonnette agreed to hand over a hard drive containing an unauthorized photo of the al Qaeda leader’s corpse.
By order of Barack "Quadruple the Drone Strikes but Ceaselessly Yip about Peace" Obama.

I remember back during the Bush era, the mainstream media couldn't use the word "drone" without going on and on about "collateral damage" (aka dead Muslim kids). Magically, after Obama got to sit in the big chair... that all disappeared.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says..........sanity disappeared when Obama got elected, much like it has in Canada with trudeau the younger.

Neo Conservative said...

obama, whose father & stepfather were both muslim, was obviously born a muslim. he actually went to madrassa when he was young. his mother packed him off to his grandparents in the american midwest when he became inconvenient to her life and he left islam behind. obviously, he's more sympathetic to islam than your average joe.

trudeau is simply pandering.

we are now reaping the whirlwind of their collective missteps. hopefully, the citizenry will see the folly of this forced multi-culturalism before it is too late.

one need only look at germany to see the dangers inherent in today's left-o-sphere.


Anonymous said...

Didn't rebel media uncover how trudeau went through the ritual necessary to become a Muslim? And of the most radical of mosques? That consideration merits a second look,as is Obama's islamic insignia ring.

Seems like something more than just pandering to me.

If your aware of who the liberals supported in Germany pre WWII, and then tie that in with the national socialists of that day and their ties to the mufti of "Palestine", and by extension--the whole of the islamic world, or at least the most destructive aspects.

I don't think this is "reaching" to assume these connections. but I wouldn't claim that they are the whole excuse for our turmoils in the western world.
Aside from human errors and ignorance, I would point to the subversion from old soviet cells that haven't retired from their pointless cause.

I'm not trying to blur those two together, but that they have colluded together in the past.

it's a better set of points to make than the internet chattering on about "evil" international banker "cartels". or their favorite long time scape goat, "zionists".

Sorry to bring this up here, but the internet has been a little too nuts so I thought I would throw some beens and lentils into the mix.
remind people of actual clear and present dangers that they often ignore in favor of distant targets of limited reach or influence.

Like the two examples of bankers or Zionists... neither fit the m.o of global control freaks.... yet are completely steam rollled while everyone ignores statism and all its various flavors. I can say similar things of the Chi-Coms, who in the past have caused terrible harm to themselves and others, but they are starting to turn around and away from economic statism. They aren't yet our friends, but they are neither the bain of our existence.

One could also argue that Zionism is also a form of statism too, however, they are self contained to as small sliver of the globe and aren't forcing misery down everyone ones throat to get what they want.

Am saying this as an anti-theist. before any shills pop out and call me a "jew" etc.

I'm only sorry to even have to bring this up at all and dump it here.
It's just a silly state of humanity, since we know how well the free market has worked when it is allowed to self correct. I think it must come down to some "just wanting to feel more important" than others without earning that esteem, or to reshape society to their liking. I mean, theocracy has had its way with society in that regard for thousands of years, with a mix of results. But I don't think non-believers should swap out "GOD" for governments just so they can have a turn at the wheel.
Since every chance they've had has led to even more misery and regression.

Now doubt the liberal party shills are scanning the blogging tories again for posts like this to plagerize in some way like they've done with other things I've said on here.... like when I coined the term "political landmines"!

not an original thought amongst those scoundrels. surely they should consider other lines of work if they are going to do this poorly both in and out of government...

end of rants.

no, not signing in to post this. I appreciate being able to speak my mind directly for them to stand on their own or to be corrected without it being permanently held against me if I happen to be wrong or off a bit. thanks for the opportunity to do so here.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... how trudeau went through the ritual necessary to become a Muslim?"

well, apparently he dressed up in colourful native garb and recited the shahada... which technically is how one becomes a muslim... but, let's face it... justy is too much of a dumbstick to know what he's doing.

it was just another photo op to get votes. that's his real job... to smile and charm the pants off lonely, middle-aged women.