09 January 2016

CBC's shameful one-sided reporting

Canada's national broadcaster implies police death squads execute harmless "wienie waggers"...

"Minutes later, the teen exposed himself to women on board and drew a knife..."
That's curious... they left out the bit where Sammy Yatim tried... TWICE... to stab two women passengers on the streetcar.

Of course, you have to go elsewhere to get those facts...
"She held up her purse in front of her as Yatim came at her with his knife and she says she recalled feeling the thud of the knife against her purse."

“I need you to know that Yatim was dangerous,” she told the jury after she broke down crying on the stand."
And how about...
"Another school friend, who asked not to be identified, said Yatim carried a knife everywhere and even bragged about owning a gun."
Read the all too familiar canned cliches about how Yatim was trying to "get his life back on track."


Bill Elder said...

Any one would think Yatim had a CBC tee shirt on which the cop used for a target.

Public info is dead in GTA and mothercorpse is a big part of it

Neo Conservative said...

i can't understand why taxpayers have to subsidise this shameless liberal propaganda outlet... to the tune of 1.2 billion dollars per year.

what happened to actual news?