08 January 2016

My melting pot overfloweth

If a tree falls in the forest... but nobody is willing to admit that trees even exist anymore...

A leaked police document published Wednesday by the Bild newspaper reveals police were well aware of what happened all along. A senior officer said in his report it was a “gauntlet for women” and that people easily could have died.

The perpetrators ostensibly weren’t intimidated by the police presence and aimed fireworks and threw bottles at the responding officers, who left the scene without making any arrests.
Remember... it's your betters in the "professional" media who decide what gets to be news.


UPDATE: Cologne Police Chief out

Remember... it's not the crime that gets you... it's the cover up...
Wolfgang Albers was provisionally suspended following outrage over his department’s handling of the sexual assaults of women on New Year’s Eve reportedly by as many as 1,000 Arab or North African men.

Police officials said there were more than 170 complaints that alleged sexual assault — including two complaints of rape — and robbery during the night.
I wonder if Justin Trudeau is having any second thoughts?


UPDATE2: Germany starts to get it...
"And who is to blame mainly?" influential Hamburg broadcaster NDR editorial asked.

"These young, testosterone-driven time bombs with their image of women from the Middle Ages."
Somebody in the media is actually saying it.


Bill Elder said...

Neo said - "I wonder if Justin Trudeau is having any second thoughts?"

Does a puppet do its own thinking?

Neo Conservative said...

just wait... this whole refugee mess will blow up in justin's face before he completes his term of office.


Terry Newman said...

I predict that Justin is come to the realization that being PM is not as much fun as he thought it would be,

Wayne M said...

I doubt it because unfortunately Liberals are wilfully blind. They still think multiculturalism can never go wrong or be a mistake. Multiculti is a airy, fluffy, dreamy, imaginary believe of a melting pot where everyone exists together. Unfortunately there some people who have no intention of adopting our way of life and culture and melding in. They hate our way and culture.

enkiduj said...

No, shiny pony is not having any second thoughts. For that matter, I'm not sure the sock puppet with the fabu hair has any first thoughts on the matter,it's not his job to think, there are people in the shadows who do that for him. His job is to look nice for the camera and have the proper surname.