16 January 2016


"If you think limiting refugees based on what a tiny minority *might* do is bigoted, but banning firearms based on what a tiny minority *might* do is evidenced based policy making; you might be a Liberal."
Is it that simple?


Raoul Duke said...

Forgive the rant Neo-I need to get this off my chest and it needs to be said and discussed -

Most of the firearms these paranoid control freaks say can be made to fire full auto have NO manufactured parts available to convert them to select fire or full auto fire – they were designed as semi-auto only to sell into markets where full auto and easy conversion to full auto is banned. Converting these rifles to fire full auto is beyond the capability of most people - unless you are an RCMP ordnance engineer with a million dollar machine shop and ballistics lab at your disposal and several months of time to redesign and manufacture the receivers and firing mechanism of these guns - particularly the Ruger Mini and the commercial sporting M14s.

The firearms targeted are not the chosen weapon of either street criminals or gun smuggers. There is no demonstrable proof they have ever been converted easily and commonly and used in crimes in full auto mode -this has never happened in Canadian history - unreasonable vexatious abusive reclassification causing significant property loss and criminal indemnity is unjustified by the statute guidelines and by any constitutional test of law.

The time for protest rallies on parliament hill and petitions is over for gun owners, the control regime is engaging in open vexatious belligerent law making with no justifiable cause except sustained harassment and incremental prohibition. This mimics a soviet-styled police state pogrom against dissenters - This is the UN civil disarmament agenda come again to Canada through the back door - a back door built by Chretien and specifically left open by Harper.

It's not about guns or safety or even the vapid "pre-crimes" police alarmists are using as a public hysteria tool. It's about the incremental regulatory subjugation of traditionalist Canadian sub-cultures prone to be resistive or dissenting to statist despotism. This agenda has gestated in the Liberal party policy tanks for years and they have recruited the police function executive into this aggressive statism - do not try to make sense of it - do not sit with your mouth open wondering HOW this can happen in a supposed constitutionally free nation - it doesn't make sense, it isn't fair or civil – bullies seldom are.

End Part1
Cont, in Part 2

Raoul Duke said...

Part 2

Defacto prohibition of lawful property without just cause and without compensation is raw authoritarian statism and its aimed at all you lawful firearms owners - they don't care what is right or what is fair or even what is defensibly legal - they are going to do this – if need be they are going to walk right up to your door and kick it in, search/trash your home, goon you, steal from you and indict you on petty or trumped up regulatory technicalities - because you are on their (illegal) list of "gun nuts" - just like they did in High River - because they are told to do it, and because they take sadistic pleasure in being empowered to do it. They can screw you over 7 ways from Sunday and they get off on the power rush because they are politically insulated from legal reprisals by a complicit government and judiciary.

- because their bosses don't like you, they see you as one of the last few remnants of traditional Canadian society which they feel are a threat to an increasingly dictatorial ruling class elite running a police state political culture - they believe you are still insufficiently "pacified" to accept the new collectivist feudalism and forced austerity - they fear you because you have tools to resist the despotism when they go to a fully authoritarian UN world government model and government does not use consent to rule. Gun owners are the canaries in the coal mine and the first to be abused/repressed when constitutionally constrained government goes rogue or police turn thug.

First already restricted hand guns will go, then restricted auto loading rifles go, then repeaters go, then single shots – it won’t end here, reclassification to “restricted” is another way of running a registry list to aid in confiscation.

YOU are in the crosshairs of UN Stasi, not your guns. The guns are an excuse to eradicate your potential dissent to totalist population disempowerment - don't be a dewy-eyed Pollyanna and ask why, stop deluding yourselves. Canada has not been a free nation for a generation and it becomes less free less autonomous and less democratic with every UN global governing treaty its oligarchy sign - its illiberal UN-aligned political oligarchy are not going to let up on this - civilian disarmament, democratic disenfranchisement and legal and economic disempowerment is part of the pogrom against the traditional Canadian middle class and one of the last remaining symbols of the freedom and autonomy of that traditional middle class is the civilian gun owner - and the control oligarchy believes in effecting civil subjugation through might makes right.

I believe they are quite prepared to kill to get what they want.

Neo Conservative said...

prohibiting previously legal items sets a dangerous precedent. what's next... skydiving, fast motorcycles... spicy exotic foods?

the fact that legal firearms kill a statistically insignificent, almost non-existent number of people doesn't seem to matter.

take firearms away from responsible, law-abiding citizens and it affects the homicide rate not at all. it is criminals who kill people, but it seems to be too difficult and even politically incorrect to target actual criminal groups who are responsible for most shootings.

the solution seems to be to do the easy thing... not the effective thing.