12 January 2016

Towards a Theory of Urban Relativity

To paraphrase that old infidel Albert E... Allah does not play dice with the left-o-verse... not that our intellectual & moral poobahs in the fourth estate would admit it...

How did this story get covered in the mainstream media?

I'll show you the front page of the newspaper of record in Calgary today. Big story about Leonardo DiCaprio at the top. Their main story is about traffic court. Seriously.

If you look on the left hand side of the page, you can see a microscopic mention: “Bouncers tackle gunman at Beltline night club." That’s it.

If you go to the story inside the newspaper, you have to read all the way down to the 25th paragraph before you get to the name of the accused • the two Mohameds.
If a naive, politically correct assumption falls in the concrete jungle... will anyone even acknowledge it? (via sda)


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Mohamed Najdi, 28, a Crips gang member well-known to police, was shot dead in what homicide detectives believe was also a gang-related and targeted killing. His home was shot up just last week.

Najdi's death is Ottawa's first homicide of 2016 and fourth shooting of 2016. The Ottawa police major crimes unit is investigating and no arrests have yet been made.
Read the Ottawa Citizen link... it seems that Mohamed & friends are part of significant criminal syndicate in our nation's capital.


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Their family arrived in Canada from Saudi Arabia as refugees in 1990 — although their roots are believed to be in Iran — and settled in Surrey, B.C.

LAST WORD: Back in the Center of the Universe
The northbound lanes of Allen Road have been shut down at Eglinton Avenue as police investigate gunfire in the area of Allen Road and Highway 401.
The area of... my pale, hairy arse. This was a mobile gunfight on the Allen Expressway.
Toronto police say multiple shell casings were found after reports of gunshots being fired between moving vehicles at around 3:30 p.m.
Absolutely nothing to do with the welfare hell known by its residents as "The Jungle", I'm sure. Police are likely rounding up local farmers, hunters and skeet shooters as we speak.


Bill Elder said...

Neo - sorry, but in answer to your final question and in coping with being exposed to another dose of social/cultural neurosis(re: the inflatable penis man and the hooker posing as a government care-giver and news being non news)

I must reach deep into my coping mechanisms and dredge up timeless pearls of wisdom from our generation's only urban philosopher - George Carlin. I must relate to whathe would make of the mass neurosis that surrounds us.

Any one of these "Carlinisms" sem apropos:

* The planet, universe and the cosmos are just fine, they will get along OK without our fussing, the natural realm is as it should be - it's the people who are Fxxked!

*It's best not to get drawn into the psychosis of the latest social and cultural trends - be an observer, that way insanity becomes entertainment - life is a freak show, and if you're born in America you have a front row seat.

* Just when you discover the meaning of life, they go and change it.

And my personal favorite:

* In life some see a glass half full, some see a glass half empty, I see 2 people who shouldn't be drinking at all.

Keep your sanity Neo, if you appear insane to lunatics, you're on course.

Neo Conservative said...

mrs neo and i closed the deal on our rural acreage two weeks before 9/11... i still congratulate myself on that decision. the property has since doubled in value and no one in real estate is saying, "it's just about the house, the surrounding land has no real value" anymore.

as the tail end of the baby boom retires and realises that they don't really want to live at yonge & bloodshed, places like ours will become increasingly desirable and expensive.

my advice is... start looking for your retirement venues as soon as possible... because, as the old saw goes... "they're not making any more land."

that first suicide bomb goes off at the eaton centre, people will be tripping over each other fleeing the urban battlefield for rural zen.


Bill Elder said...

Got my escape property all staked out, and it ain't in Ontrabia, I my travels there I found even small town folk to be tainted by GTA virus.

Neo Conservative said...

my son who is still in university has an professional & personal affinity for austin, texas. i'd move there in a heartbeat. way better weather, conservative, freedom loving people... open carry is just the icing on the cake.


Bill Elder said...

Montana kinda guy m'self - 3 craft breweries and 2 Sharps rifle companies.