04 January 2016

Rule #1 - No rocking the multicultural boat

Just another horrific story you won't hear about on the CBC...those poor refugees

"An estimated 1,000 migrants celebrated by launching fireworks into crowds and sexually assaulting German women caught up in the chaos."

UPDATE: Media cover-up starts to collapse...
“Merkel … you’re an accessory to the abuse at Cologne.”

UPDATE2: Mayor of Cologne apparently thinks...

...it's time to implement sharia law.


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obama hypocrite"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves."

- William Pitt (the Younger), Speech in the House of Commons, November 18, 1783
You really think we need more government?


Bill Elder said...

No Neo, I think the orgy of out of control, corrupt, imperialist Washington governance is coming to an end – we see this trend in Europe as well. The EU commie superclass allowing an invasion by barbarian hordes, hoping the street level savagery will subdue the domestic growing resistance towards the globalist ambitions of the EU, is an act of final desperation by the one-worlders.

Similarly, the globalist subversion of America through the Whitehouse is come to a close – they took their shot and they couldn’t kill off all the “bitter clingers” who put their faith in God and a clean shooting iron, not omnipotent governments and their God-princes – and they failed to get the military on board the Alinsky express to soviet Amerika .

Obama has a year to finish the job but he’s a lame duck with so much criminal scandal dogging him that voters say only 16% trust government or think congress is working for them, and a military which is in open revolt over the commander in chief’s open anti-constitutional crimes. Obama’s final gun control agenda (AKA civil disarmament) will be ignored and, if the feds push it, it will set off unintended consequence that will result in massive civil upheaval and red state Secession which will cause a military coup to close corrupt federal congress and convene a people’s continental congress to set up a constitutional government as Obama and his banana republic Junta flee to some refuge for despots. I see the EU council being relegated to history and massive deportation as well as Europe tries to put itself back on line as a 1st world economy.

2016 will be a bad year for one world government control freaks – could be a very very bad year. When government fears the people we have democracy, when the people fear government we have tyranny, it always WAS that simple. The second amendment wasn’t about protecting the right to duck hunt, it was the right to throw criminals out of office.

There, you got me dreaming like Ted Nugent with your Eurabia and Obammy gun grab news.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says.........to think that stupid Canadians and their idiot politicians want to import more followers of islam.

Neo Conservative said...

"bill elder says... you got me dreaming like Ted Nugent with your Eurabia and Obammy gun grab news."

what's life without a dream, huh?

unfortunately, here in canada, we've just elected a wealth-redistributing prime minister whose previous job experience, after dropping out of two grad school programs, consisted of things like snowboard instructor... who, ironically, wouldn't have survived without a million dollar trust fund from his socialist daddy turned politician.

i do think there will be sporadic breakdowns of social control in the usa, but here in canuckistan, the media and educational elites have been steering our progeny leftward for so long that we will simply drift into nanny-state dictatorship. our children have been, and continue to be, so heavily programmed, they won't even realise what's happening.

the nanny-staters will take away the right to own firearms and then proceed to things like private planes (hey, you have air canada, no dangerous hobbies for you) and motorcycles and then home swimming pools (do you know how many kids drown each year?)... and any and all dissenting literature until they've built their own version of fahrenheit 451.

i actually hope you're on to something... but look at what ontarians have done, three mcguinty governments and now big mother kathleen as we lurch towards california style deficits and bankruptcy.


Bill Elder said...

Neo said: "i actually hope you're on to something... but look at what ontarians have done, three mcguinty governments and now big mother kathleen as we lurch towards california style deficits and bankruptcy"

Watch the correction start in Alberta - ALL corrections of leftist disasters start in Alberta - last time it was the reform movement.

As for gen X and Y becoming nannie's zombies, Xers wised up in a hurry when they saw the tax wall killing their "upward mobility" and millennials will wise up when big nanny government does not deliver the mochaccino-latte 2 day work week utopia they envision (yes kids "socialism" is NOT "social media" with entitlements attached) - like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, they will discover they always had the power to create that utopia all along - it's called capitalism and freedom - can't separate the two - can't have redistributed wealth and affluence - never has worked and it is killing Europe and America right now - everywhere the nanny state exists the middle class goes extinct. I won't allow the bastards to plunder my life's savings - I'd rather give it to charity than have the Nannies steal it - so they will have to pay the massive debt they ran up politically lobotomizing millennials by taxing millennial earnings into the poverty bracket.

They WILL wise up, like we did, when they see themselves better educated but under employed and less affluent than their parents - the only question is will they be able to oust the statist kleptocrats who have killed middle class comfort with a ballot or will something more unconventional be called for.

Neo Conservative said...

bill... i hope that you are right.

i guess i'm just a "clip half empty" sorta guy.


Bill said...

You mean "mag"half empty ....clips go in Garands and Mausers

-keep your mags full and ready to slap home ....tyrants about ;-)

Neo Conservative said...

"bill says... You mean "mag"half empty"

sure, bill... technically, an en bloc clip for a garand, or a "stripper" for a mauser is simply not the same animal as a mag for a government model colt.

the general public however, is more familiar with the term clip and i thought it read better in this context. my bad.

of course, fwiw... if you keep your mags full, you can be charged with unsafe storage by the local cops. just sayin'.


Bill Elder said...

Not picking nits, Neo, forgive my technical correctness, it's a reflex that has recently developed as I have taken up training applicants for their hunter training and range safety courses.

Neo Conservative said...

bill, no biggie. you're right, of course. fact is, i'm a bit of a gun snob myself and probably would have felt the urge to correct anyone who used the terms interchangeably as well.

i was thinking of going to a "train the trainers" course myself... love to hear how that went.