13 January 2016

I know... maybe we should ask...

...CBS news correspondent Lara Logan...the rape game(via sda)more rape game**********

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Hours after the attack, Ahmad Marwat, who described himself as a spokesman for Jundullah, or Army of God, a little-known militant group, claimed responsibility for the assault, without explaining why the centre was targeted. He warned of more attacks on polio teams in the future.
Who are these freaks?


LAST WORD: Will the Prime Minister...

...meet his body at the airport... or is that privilege reserved for Syrian refugees?


Anonymous said...

old white guy says...........what is wrong with people today? a rape culture, wtf? I swear the terminally stupid are going to kill us all.

Bill Elder said...

Interesting, the MSM is beginning to see the shifting trend in the religion of peace as practiced by the invading YOBs
Very coincidental. just after what we discussed earlier about how this Jihadi crime and gang stuff strays from the true religious practices of Muslims – drugs, gangsterism, gang rape, robbery, vandalism, Crips recruiting muslim youth –
I listened to a police profiler from Germany yesterday on a podcast who was saying the behaviour they’re seeing in Europe by young migrant Arab men is a weird mutation of tribalism, gangsterism mixed with perverted customs and cultural xenophobia, most have never even read the Koran or been in a Mosque, they just interpret whatever the radical Islamist Imams say on the internet as a justification for a self-serving crime spree – a sort of gangster culture built around Jihad and Muslim supremacy – a very large and growing Gang culture – kind of like if the KKK became popular with gen Y, went gangland and hit the streets of Cairo. Klan is hardly Christian in practice but hides behind it as a holy war – just like the new Jihadi gangstas.

If this is imported to our nation (and it is becoming clear it has been by both Harper and PM Sonnywaze have recklessly opened us to this as well as the fact this Jihadi brain-washing travels by I-net)) the first thing we have to do is disempower the political and media who did this to us through criminally reckless misapplication of Multicult policy - then we have to start the correction at the ground level – that can mean round up of jihadis under watch, detention, re-education incarceration or, preferably, deportation –there is NO benefit to Canada bringing this social/civil disorder here and that simple fact has to be drilled into the social engineers who sponsor it in no uncertain terms.

I see this as a problem which must be solved from the grassroots up – we have to read the riot act to those who have been derelict in their duty to protect this nation.

Neo Conservative said...

i suspect that the german people will, in the not too distant future, redefine the word "merkel" to mean doing something that is totally counter-intuitive and contrary to one's best interests.

this also helps to explain why, in some of the hottest countries on the planet, islamic women chose to clothe themselves in enormous bodybags, leaving only their eyes on display.


Bill Elder said...

Neo said: "Who are these freaks?"

Can't you read? They are God's messengers doing God's work ;-)