20 January 2016

Remember... when Justin Trudeau...

...says he's going to take away all those nasty (albeit perfectly legal) firearms from farmers, hunters & sport shooters... he's actually setting a dangerous legal precedent...

"This is now the policy in not just Beijing and Shanghai but in dozens of cities now where basically you have to win a lottery that year to get a license plate [and here's the punchline] you can buy a car but you just can’t operate it."
Never happen here, you say?

Well maybe you should read slower...
"During the event, which itself was widely criticized for sexist and patronizing undertones, an audience member asked Mr. Trudeau which nation’s “administration he most admired."
To which Prime Minister Selfie replied...
“There is a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime and say 'we need to go green.'"
File that away for future reference... Justin Trudeau admires China's "basic dictatorship."

And maybe you should break out your hiking boots.


UPDATE: Just Google "Gamil Gharbi"...
"Quebec is facing the first signs of revolt over its planned long-gun registry, an unexpected breach in a province regarded as the staunchest defender of gun-control measures in Canada. The rumblings in Quebec mark the first cracks in what has always been perceived as a unanimous front on the question of a gun registry."

P.S. - My favorite part of the first linked article, above...
"You should go ask in the environment ministry or other ministries whose job is it to attain these standards – that person does not exist. He or she doesn’t exist at the state pollution control board or the centre. There are no strings attached to what their performance measured on. They don’t need to show their plans of how they are going to attain the air quality."
A perfect summation of the bureaucratic eco-warriors.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says..........sorry Justin, you or any government will never disarm me.

Bill Elder said...

It's getting to the point where I truly fear reading the news - I find myself saying the same thing with each new regressive progressive announcement or gaff by the vacant one.

I really can't blame PM Selfie for being a dangerously naïve, insulated and unintelligent - like blaming a slug for being a slug this is what he always has been and expecting a male "Kardashian" to exhibit the traits of Steve Jobs is simply not realistic.

I suppose what angers me the most is that to put and keep a detached idiot like Justin (and the malevolent kleptocrat cadre who use him as a face boy) in power, our media has gone fully into a defacto propaganda ministry spinning an altered reality to that on the ground.

When elitist statism, incompetence and criminal malfeasance envelop the governance of a democratic nation, it is only with the co-opting of media as propagandists can such malefic regimes subvert public trust - at least until they fully erect a civilly disarmed police state then the baffle gab stops and the jack boots take over enforcing policy.

Trudeau 2.0 and his Laurentian oligarch masters have brought Canada to that awkward stage where we are not quite China yet but we are on our way - a defacto single party state with a rigged balloting mechanism to return one of 4 brands of the same party to perpetual rule, a media which pimps autocracy and political nepotism, and a remnant corporate structure which survives by supporting the kleptocratic state (to remain a large scale lucrative enterprise one must forge political alliances with leftist power brokers to buy immunity from free market competition and government controls).

Right now we function operationally like a corrupt nepotistic Banana republic -we are Venezuela north - IF we ever see another alternative government we will need to install without delay or debate:

A) Citizen recall laws and public non confidence initiatives
B) Establish term limits on the PM and MPs positions (get rid of careerists)
C) Constitutional and election law changes must be ratified by referendum
D) Remove control of the RCMP and selection of it's commissioner to a cabinet minister to a citizen's commission
E) Elect senate or replace it with an independent oversight committee
F) Make media collusion with parties or government a capital crime.

Neo Conservative said...

i suspect a policy of prohibition and confiscation will simply turn law abiding citizens into criminals... much like the now abolished long gun registry.

law enforcement could simply concentrate on pursuing illegal firearms, but that involves hard work and the inevitable charges of racism. obviously, toronto's illegal guns issue involves minority communities in urban welfare hell and the pc furor would be front page news daily.

remember when mike harris brought in a zero tolerance policy for violence in ontario schools? it was repealed by dalton mcguinty when it turned out that minority youth were almost exclusively the inevitable violators of this policy.

until we address this issue adequately, people will not truly be safe.


Bill Elder said...

Neo - non of these issues will ever se public debate as long as there is the incestuous relationship between the media and leftist political cartels - they absolutely sanitise public information of evidence of failed prog policy or the insanity/immorality of PC identity gulags.

Dystopia lives in a vacuum of diverse thought and discussion - creating that vacuum is the work of the new media which is simply a collection of SJWs posing as journalists and working for a corporate news agency with incestuous ties to parties and government.

No change until the corporate media is changed or replaced.

Neo Conservative said...

preaching to the choir, my friend.