14 January 2016

Unlike boring policy-wonk Harper...

...I bet the last book Justin actually read and understood... featured a little red fire truck.

In fact, my guess is... Prime Minister "Selfie" thinks that "Pinochet" is an insouciant little red that goes well with prime rib... I mean, how else to explain his choice of governments that he most admires...

The regime has lately escalated its brutal persecution of trade unionists, human rights activists and journalists. Xi has ordered a full-on redoubling of the state’s insidious surveillance and censorship machinery. Five employees of Hong Kong’s Mighty Current Media, which specializes in fiercely critical books about China’s Communist Party apparatchiks, have gone missing, believed to have been “disappeared” by Beijing’s secret police. Last week, Peter Dahlin, the Swedish co-founder of the Chinese Urgent Action Group (CUAG), was arrested in Beijing, and embassy officials have been denied access to him.

China’s economy may well be at the cusp of a total meltdown — something good sense would want Canada insulated from, not more dangerously exposed to. Instead of public candour, there have been cozy chats between conveniently unnamed members of Trudeau’s inner circle and friendly national media personalities about what a lovely arrangement a Canada-China free trade deal would be. The dynastic Liberal Desmarais family has been “consulted,” of course. The Canada China Business Council’s (CCBC) Peter Harder, after having managed the Trudeau team’s “transition” into the Prime Minister’s Office, is readily at hand for background briefings.
And, as far as green credentials go, China is on the "raze and salt the earth" side of the ecological equation...
Last year, China boosted its new coal power plant capacity by more than 50 per cent, and Beijing approved 155 new coal-fired power plants, and now China is building coal plants for export.
Of course, that isn't going to stop Justin from jumping into bed with these conscienceless criminals...
If that’s the kind of regime that Trudeau’s shiny new Liberals want to embrace in a free trade agreement, then fine, let’s have this conversation. But a little less of the sanctimonious hogwash about sunny ways, and a hell of a lot less of the cheap propaganda, please.
Don't blame me... I didn't vote for him.


Bill Elder said...

I congratulate Terry Glavin in using the MSM to point out the long term incestuous relationship between the Demarais/powercorp clan and the Truedoughs and liberal party PMs. Many Liberal poobahs owe their fortune to Powercorp.It seems the Laurentian economic insider elite now have their arm up PM Selfie's butt working his mouth for him.

Best policy making money can buy - the Librano credo

China is bad news as a trade partner, they exert their tentacles into the political apparatus of every nation they deal with - witness the influence over US BLM land capital developments and federal solar and wind gen purchases these Bejing bond holders exert. Of course Desmarais and uncle Mo Strong have interests in Chi-com commerce - so the Librano brokerage syndicate carries on as usual.

Neo - like your crack about PM Sonnywaze literary acumen ;-)

Neo Conservative said...

it's not a crack. justin is an intellectual featherweight... witness...

“There is a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime and say 'we need to go green.'"


Bill Elder said...

Yeah I was being facetious - he's a blank boy for sure.

I guess Sonnywaze wasn't in on the deals uncle Mo was swinging, buying up thermal coal reserves recently bankrupted by UN sanctioned carbon levies and selling the output to his thermal power contacts in China. I think he was also swinging some thermal power side deals that Laurentian moguls were invested in. Now the old Librano operatives are scarfing up insider deals again - The Laurentian financial cartel own the little cuckeral's soul.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says...........China's economy has been a sham from the begining and it will not take much more to collapse it. the government will just continue on as usual, repression and hunger with be the norm for most. They will saber rattle and maybe even get a real war started. young twadells might well like communists, but I don't think even the liberal party is stupid enough to allow him to completely destroy the country with his lack of intellect, wisdom and naivety.

Neo Conservative said...

"bill says... the old Librano operatives are scarfing up insider deals again"

too true, justin was electable but not terribly bright... the perfect figurehead for the "let's make a deal" liberal party. the desmarais backroom boys must have thought all their dreams came true.

unfortunately for them, as owg points out, the china bubble is about to burst and we're all going to feel the blast from that.


Bill Elder said...

Neo - I think it is more than just China -If you have your economic antenna up, you see the west with a vacuum in strong/bright/envisioned leadership, we have corporate crony political criminal cartels pillaging the last remnants of middle class wealth creation and they remain in power by largess to the unproductive class with their credit card advances which are all over-drawn at the bank to a dangerous degree

- combine that with a soon to be $10 barrel of oil, boomer retirement and medical entitlements, gold going ballistic, most stock trading markets in a sustained plunge and monetary systems ginned up with fiat credit and debt-swap mechanisms and it's obvious a perfect storm is blowing.

Sell the paper and buy gold, food, land, ammo

Neo Conservative said...

beans, bullets and gold bars.


Anonymous said...

"It seems the Laurentian economic insider elite now have their arm up PM Selfie's butt working his mouth for him."

Whaahahahaa! That was both priceless and precise. Nicely done.

Back to the topic of China, I think they could go either way. They either learn from their mistakes and go more free market, even allowing low level representation at the local level. OR, they burst due to more socialist subversion against their economy from our own foreign statists, or they cause it themselves, by pushing a police state out of sheer paranoia--on the very people they depend on to save their economy/lively hoods.

China needs to make that divergent choice and ignore the left wing talking heads around the world. China NEEDS to accept its own criticism, else it will be blind to the fulminating troubles that will eventually cause them.
Like a coil, the more they restrict it, the stronger it will spring outward.
By trying to suppress constructive dissent, they create more enemies to eventually replace them from the shadows. There is no level of invasive surveillance that can prevent that, but plenty to speed it along its natural course.

Could you imagine if I was saying this from China, they would censor me from their own ears?
It's madness. I don't care if they are toppled or not, I just want them to realize their errors and reasonably make up for it. That's not a lot to ask for. Punish or remove or reassign the bad apples, and get on with life. As long as they trend in the right direction, that's about as much as we can realistically expect from them right now.
They need to stop trying to save face and just accept reality, if they ever hope to move on from it. I think trust in China should remain cautiously limited, not to isolate them,but as stated above, to not expose us to their errors or cyber threats. But I still hold out hope for them turning themselves around than I do of our own leftist.
Unlike Iran, China could still choose liberty and prosperity over self-implosion.
Iran wants us dead, disabled or enslaved. China is just in it for China. Let's at least teach them the right sort of self interest instead of self defeat.
They could be the greatest example of how socialism fails, or how capitalism succeeds:


Presuming our left doesn't try to muck it all up. Liberal's here do tend to be complete self satisfied imbeciles. I'm not even convinced they legitimately won the election by any means. Even though, I could think up a few ways it was possible. I really don't trust elections canada.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... China is just in it for China"

more like, every greedy, amoral f@ck for himself. remember, these are the folks who put melamine in baby formula.


Anonymous said...

I am not convinced they are made entirely of the worst of what they have done.
Also, that instance wasn't a government policy but a gross misconduct by a company's employees sabotaging competitors, however the Shaanxi Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau was ignored the ample evidence of any wrong doing.
Don't quote me on that, I wasn't looking hard into it,but enough to know that Chi-Com's weren't out to poison babies. So I think you stretched that a bit unfairly.

Though statists around the world seem obsessed with population control.
It's completely mindless, since higher populations contribute to a greater variety of idea's and problem solving that smaller populations lack the capacity to address.
Especially isolated ones, which can even regress backwards.
Thomas Sowell makes some great points on this in the latter half of the video:


There is also the benefits of higher populations that I referred to, explained here:


I've brought this up before on this blog, but pasted it again for convince for anyone else who happens upon it.

Anonymous said...

"Amoral F@ck[ing]" clearly doesn't work.

Nihilism etc eventually darwin's itself out.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says the Shaanxi Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau was ignored the ample evidence of any wrong doing."

specifically, you mean, they ignored evidence of someone introducing toxic substances into baby formula. fwiw, i'd call that a hanging offence.

ps... i remember that people in the west actually got more upset when they found out the chinese were also adulterating pet food... go figure.