06 January 2016

Hussein... he cries for you

more bullshit

Tuesday’s announcement was an open admission that, indeed, the president does intend to use medical records from Obamacare to create a national “crazy list” of people, especially the elderly, who cannot have guns to defend themselves.

All that matters is that Hillary didn’t get Ambassador Christopher Stevens the security upgrades he requested, that she went home and slept through the attack, that she lied to the families of the dead about the cause of the attacks (and then lied about lying to the families), and then blew up at her Congressional inquisitors when they asked for answers.

Even more than Obama, Hillary owns Benghazi.

She also owns Libya more broadly and, by extension, the Obama debacle in Iraq, which gave rise, at least in the immediate sense to the Islamic State. They too happened during her tenure and thus taint her record.


Bill Elder said...

Obama and the rest of the hoplophobes he hangs with should be the first to be institutionalized on a "crazy list" each one of them an oozing couch case.

Aside from the obvious eclipse of civil and commonlaw rights this soviet diktat represents, am I the only one who finds it deply disturbing that:

A)Medical professionals are so willing to betray their Hippocratic oath of patient-doctor privilege to the socialist state

B) That the abuse of "psychological assessment" in politically charged kleptocratic regimes ALWAYS results in the incarceration of property owners to steal their wealth and incarcerate political enemies of the state such as the ethical scientists and other anti-regime intellectuals sent to the Gulags in the soviet era.

C) thousands of veterans will be arbitrarily "diagnosed" with PTS disorder and disarmed thus neutralizing a large segment of the civilian population capable of lodging as formidable military-trained resistance to a rogue government

The media just insults our intelligence by telling us this was not the motivation behind this Diktat - we are seeing the rise of a federal fascist regime in America and Canada which promote the single party state with a monopoly on the use of armed force - will Americans disarm? Will constitutional Americans ever trust a doctor again?

Neo Conservative said...

interesting that this executive order comes from a man who will have an armed secret service detail around him for the rest of his life.


Bill Elder said...

Update for your Big O file -

CFrome the where-have-we-heard-that-before department:

RNC hints at Obama Impeachment, tables 28 charges of criminal offences by the Pres at Jan 13 MI CRNC meeting. Resolution would urge congress to proceed with impeachment



As you say Neo, one needs dreams