19 February 2011

Time to call in the D-Boys

-- Feb. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Somali pirates hijacked a yacht with four U.S. passengers off the coast of Oman, U.S. Central Command said.
pirate math
U.S. Central Command is monitoring the situation, according to a spokesperson for the organization in Tampa, Florida, who declined to be identified.

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"Once again, you've shown yourself to any readers, what a total bufoon(sic) you are."
Funny, how... every time I get a barrage of these anonymous trolls... I start to hear banjo music.

Maybe we should take up a collection to buy Nonny a dictionary.


Chris said...

and yet.... there are still more pirates...

I wonder why that is.

Neo Conservative said...

of course, chris... let's just offer all these homicidal kidnappers landed immigrant status. that'll fix everything.

you know what these guys understand? overwhelming force. it's what their society is based on.

so sorry, florence nightingale... i'm guessin' they run out of psychos... before we run out of bullets.


Chris said...

Neo.... hello... stay on topic! Immigrant status? florence nightingale? What on earth are you talking about?


So is your thesis to kill people or to end piracy? And when you are talking about 'these guys' what exactly do you mean?

Neo Conservative said...

"chris orders.... hello... stay on topic!"

sure, chris... because you say so. i live only for your approval.

actually... despite a promising, thoughtful start... you've become quite tiresome with your too predictable "i know you are, but what am i" shtick in the comments here.

c'mon... let's see your a-game. or you just wanna be another nonny?

and, oh yeah... i'm still waiting for your solution.

you go, flo.


Chris said...

Lets count 'em! 5 attempts to redirect? And never answering a direct question based on your comment.

Why do you never want to answer these questions? Hmmmmm... perhaps that's the real reason why you are getting tired of me?

Without getting direct answers from you, I suppose we are left to draw our own conclusions on that. That's too bad.

Neo Conservative said...

chris whinges... Without getting direct answers from you..."

chris... where on gawd's green apple did you get the impression that i am somehow beholden to you... that i have to follow you down the fuzzy-bunny rabbit hole of your choosing?

if you've got dependency or daddy issues... and all you wanna do is get in somebody's face... might i suggest you do it with your own daddy?

you started off here, once upon a time, as a thoughtful contributor... but now you simply wanna unzip and have some sort of trollish pissing contest.

i say "shoot the pirates"... again... what's your solution?

my guess is you, yet again... ignore the question and whine about how i don't satisfy your needs.

sorry... i'm just not interested in this type of nonsense.

you want validation... go jam up somebody else's comment threads.

hey... they'll luv you long time over at liblogs. go tell them what a monster i am.

lord love a duck.


Neo Conservative said...

sorry, chris... "neo is a murderer" is not a useful comment.

like nonny, you're done... enjoy yourself over at liblogs.


Neo Conservative said...

and a final chris update... sorry, pal... all your "nyah, nyah... you're a big poopyhead" stuff just confirms my decision not to endlessly engage you here.

don't be sad, christo... i'm sure you'll be able to go piss in somebody else's cornflakes.


Norm said...

How did the Royal Navy solve the piracy problem in the nineteenth century? Simple! Hunt down the pirates, sieze their vessels (and sell them for prize money divied upbetween the Crown, the officers and the crew such that a lowly ordinary seaman would often receive the equal of a year's pay as his share), hang the pirate vessels officers on the yardarm and sentance the crew to transportation for life. BTW slavers were deemed to be pirates.
Worked pretty well.

Lynn said...

Norm said what I was going to post,in the past,Nations who caught pirates hung 'em,and it worked.Recidivism rate woulda broke the heart of a defence lawyer.

The sad part about it all,is that the President of Puntland from 2008-2009 was a former Canadian gas station chain owner,Mohammed Hersi,(maybe he still IS a Canuck),and even the appearance of this civilized fellow from the Greatest Most Fairest Diverse Nation on Earth didn't make any difference in the pirate problem.

Perhaps the UN should investigate the implementation of Canada's DIAND policies that run our Reservation system so well.

They can send the Chief or Leader/Mayor of each section of Puntland a few million bucks, and said Leader can redistribute it to his citizens.

And viola,or whatever that French girl's name is,no more poverty,no more piracy!!

Or,plan B:(as you suggested in the first place) anyone who suffers a pirated vessel can just contract with the Spetsnaz, and let them administer justice.

My Dad told me once a long time ago, sometimes the simplest solution is the best.


Anonymous said...

Being cloaked in the shadow of internet anonymity yourself, you're in no position to ridicule those who post anonymously. You allow anonymous comments.

Having a pseudonym and a web address provided for free by google doesn't make you any less anonymous. At least Shaidle and McMillan have actual websites.

Neo Conservative said...

the thing is, nonny... we've had this conversation dozens of times before, haven't we?

but you keep on coming back... under your various personalities.

i do love how you castigate me... in your anonymous comments... about blogging under a pseudonym.

do i really need to explain, once again, the difference between pseudonymous & anonymous?

see nonnycakes... i have been here, every day, for over four years. you have my email & these comments. you know exactly where to find me... and you do... DAILY. i'm obviously way more important to you... than you are to me.

so nonny, or chris... or whatever you'll call yourself tomorrow... tell me, where exactly do i find your cowardly, dishonest little know-nothing ass in the millions of other vexatious, ANONYMOUS trolls?

"If it was me firebombing you, you would not have a chance at a second thought, because as soon as you exited the building, well, the whole idea of the firebomb was to flush the skunk (you) out and get you into um, range."
Posted by liberal supporter to halls of macadamia at 10:18 PM, January 24, 2011

oh yeah... that'd be nowhere.

you get that, right?


Chris said...

Redirect, lie and spin.

You sure can dish it out though. But never brave enough for direct answers or to post actual comments.

Just a regular Kinsella.

Neo Conservative said...

"chris shrieks... Just a regular Kinsella"

yes... of course, chris... because you say so.

and hey... that's actually the worst insult you can think of... that i'm a "regular kinsella?" geez... i thought "special k" was iggy's ex-bff.

maybe you've been hangin' with zorpheus, huh?

cracks me up, though... how you incorrigible trolls alway end up going with the "you're a big, fat poopyhead" defense.

that actually work on anybody over the age of seven?


Neo Conservative said...

breaking news: no happy ending here...

well, chris... you might wanna star passing the hat to amass a defense fund for your "poor somali fisherman" friends.