28 October 2009

You know what's worse...

...than dying in a pool of your own vomit? -- Try dying in a pool of somebody else's...

The staff change came in a messy internal scene, according to Liberal insiders. Mr. Davey and Ms. Fairbrother saw reports on TV, and Ms. Fairbrother denied to reporters that anything was happening – but Mr. Ignatieff confirmed it to them later last night.

Mr. Davey had known about efforts to recruit Mr. Donolo to play some role for more than a week, but did not know it was for his job until late Tuesday.
Ah yes... the re-emergence of "Rattus Liberalis".


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Among some versions swirling around Parliament Hill of how Peter Donolo was recruited as Michael Ignatieff’s new chief of staff, John Manley’s name figures prominently.

But Manley categorically denies reports that Ignatieff asked for his advice, or that he offered it. And he says he is mystified by a related rumour that he circulated word that Donolo was returning to Ottawa.

"Cut the guy some slack will you! Its not like Iggy's ever fired anyone before. How was he to know that you tell the firee BEFORE you tell the rest of the world?"

LAST WORD: Apparently... the party's over
A Chr├ętien-era staffer asked one of the bright twentysomethings what he does for Ignatieff. “I apply a political lens to everything,” he was told.

“Ah,” the staffer recounted to me later, “so he means he does nothing."

"That’s over now."


jwkozak91 said...

The Trifecta of Teams from Toronto:

1.) The Argos, 2.) The Leafs, 3.) The Grits.

They all manage to find new ways to loose.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

And they want Canadian voters to trust them???

Neo Conservative said...

"joanne says... And they want Canadian voters to trust them???"

you can almost understand that whole "silence of the lambs" thing with dion... not handled particularly well... but had to be done.

but cutting davey's throat (one of iggy's initial recruiters) in this fashion is simply beyond the pale... even for the puffin king.


Anne in sw ON said...

Iggy appears to enjoy this back-stabbing business. He's even learned a new technique. Do it so the victim isn't aware that the wound has been inflicted. Next?

fernstalbert said...

This is what happens when you get involved in a drinking game with copious amounts of bile and envy mixed in your Liberal leadership beverage of acclamation. No grassroots leadership election only a false coronation. How nauseating.

Neo Conservative said...

the truth is, though... iggy's in such deep muck now... it'd be hard to make things worse.

ah, well... he'll always have hah-vuhd.


Joe said...

Yeah, but, I mean, Cut the guy some slack will you! Its not like Iggy's ever fired anyone before. How was he to know that you tell the firee BEFORE you tell the rest of the world?

Neo Conservative said...

don martin in the natpost...

"It was an inauspicious start for someone striving to bring order to communications chaos. It's also a sign of Mr. Ignatieff's ramped-up desperation that he's gassing his most loyal followers, the very people who lured him onto the magic carpet ride toward Parliament Hill, while issuing a mayday call for help from the Jean Chretien era."

"After all, he had already imported a tenacious partisan from Chretien's era named Warren Kinsella to run backroom operations, although his most recent brainstorm -- to have MP Wayne Easter ambush Conservative MPs emerging from their caucus meeting -- flopped spectacularly when they discovered the room was empty."

"Still, the staff changes are a welcome indication that Mr. Ignatieff recognizes his situation is so dire he must sacrifice diehard internal loyalty for outside adult supervision."