15 October 2009

Yeah right... we have to fix this...

...because it's just not fair...

A total smoking ban in penitentiaries has turned hard-core lifers into jittery, candy-eating blobs, according to a portrait painted yesterday by a lawyer in Federal Court.
So what's the problem here? Myself, I'd be inclined to turn some of these homicidal thugs into dog food.

But hey, this is Canada... let's ask a lawyer...
Arguing that inmates should at least be allowed to smoke outside, Julius Grey said prison life is hard enough without having to give up what is still a socially acceptable behaviour.

Affidavits filed by the plaintiffs list the difficulties faced by such people as Gerald Matticks, leader of Montreal's West End Gang, and Benoît Guimond, a bike gang member who killed a 17-year-old bystander outside a Montreal nightclub in 2001.
Sorry Benoît... as far as I'm concerned, you'll just have to find something else to suck on.


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...why not just give the poor little babies their organic pacifiers and let them reap the whirlwind?



Philanthropist said...

Smoking is a legally acceptable behaviour, not a socially acceptable behaviour. Unless it's pot.

Neo Conservative said...

i guess i'm just a simple sort of person, but imho... if you're in a federal prison for taking someone's life... you no longer have any "rights".

well... maybe the right to remain silent.