14 October 2009

Playing with numbers

Researchers at Hamilton's McMaster University say they have devised an electronic medical records system that can be implemented by physicians across Ontario for two per cent of the money the provincial government has spent on eHealth Ontario.

The web-based program, dubbed OSCAR, organizes medical records and can be set up on any computer system with a browser. It was first created in 2001, and has attracted more users each year.

Around 600 doctors across the country — including 450 family physicians in Ontario — currently use the software.
Two percent, huh? And what's the number that this two percent comes out of?
Last week, Auditor General Jim McCarter released his much anticipated report which would determine if Ontarians received value for the money spent to set up eHealth.

As it turns out Ontario families have not received value for their money.

One billion dollars has been spent by the Liberal government on a health system that still isn’t operational.



Anonymous said...

The same sort of shenanigans are what caused that weasel Alan Rock's promised "only 82 million dollars" cost for C-68 to balloon to somewhere in the neighbourhood of TWO BILLION; they wrote and scrapped two entire programs (all with the same LIEberal-friendly company) before they even got to something that would have given them no more information than an easily-licenced program that was already available.

Neo Conservative said...

anybody who is remotely familiar with information technology knows that there are "canned" solutions out there that could have been adapted to deal with this issue.

the liberals went for a win/win solution that 1) pandered to the fuzzy-bunny public and 2) put a couple of billion dollars in the pockets of their corporate pals and 3) created yet another obscenely well-paid government bureaucracy.

if you can create an interconnected and extremely dynamic database of driver's licenses and vehicle registrations... then a rifle registry (assuming you even agree with the concept) should have been a snap.

funny how that works, huh?


Kai said...

I work for one of the companies that sells canned solutions for EMR's. While not cheap, they certainly could be implemented for less than 1 billion. Some customization is available on a site by site basis, but the "guts" (an Oracle DB) are standardized, and already in use in several hundred hospitals in the US alone.

Neo Conservative said...

sorry kai... i guess there's just no liberal bagman jobs if you go down that road.

and that particular billion dollars down the toilet... it's not like it comes outta dalton's pockets.

and please, please, please... don't even get me started on that "OTHER" billion dollars.