07 October 2006

Rattus Liberalis back to eating offspring

Another former Liberal cabinet minister, Lloyd Axworthy, has crawled out from the dark, damp basement of obscurity to gorge on the flesh of a Liberal leadership candidate.

Rattus Liberalis, like its better known and cuddlier cousin Rattus Rattus, is a nonemetic species. One of the particular talents of Genus Rattus is its ability to not vomit, which conveniently allows it to feast on its own young.

Axworthy says Ignatieff is a creation of "downtown Toronto powerbrokers" who does not understand liberalism, has no common touch and will lead the Liberals to another defeat.
Axworthy, who has apparently been gnawing on something psychedelic himself, is backing Bob Rae... a man whose sole claim to fame is that he singlehandedly holds the Guinness World Book Record for converting old diehard lefties to Reagonomics.


SIDENOTE: A creation of the Powerbrokers???

You mean like Commie Bob's brother, John Rae... whose resume includes being Executive Vice-President of Power Corp., as well as Paul Desmarais' right-hand man?
The reason investigators are interested in Power Corporation's possible links to the bank that acted as a clearing house for Oil-for-Food is because the firm also appears to have had a stake in an oil firm that had been working out lucrative contracts with Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.
Somebody from the Rae campaign better put Lloyd back in his cage.

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Anonymous said...


Neo Conservative said...

i'm kinda hoping right now you meant the french word "touche".

cos' if you didn't, i'm lost.

Jacques Beau Vert said...

I don't know, I kinda agree with Axworthy's estimation of Ignatieff's chances in an election. I'm no psychic, that's for sure - all you can do is speculate.

James Higham said...

Sohe's nourishing obscurity, yes?

Neo Conservative said...

jbg... just a quick question, are you from ontario? cos' if you lived through the bob rae days (and i'm not saying it wasn't the economic times rather than the man that sucked really badly) and you still think he's got a chance of taking the province... you're the first one i've talked to.

Neo Conservative said...

james... i missed that. i suppose, in a way, he is.

Candace said...

good call on Power Corp & Rae - what kind of drugs do you think Axworthy has been ingesting to come up with that twisted logic?

And I'm hoping you're correct about anon @ 10:54 10/7, although it did cause me to truly laugh out loud.

Neo Conservative said...

candace... i'm thinking formaldehyde, the liberals alway have a supply on hand to top up ex-ministers and the like.

as for old anon... it's true. i'd have been a little more concerned about his single word post if i wasn't male.

Anonymous said...

ignatieff understands being lieberal all too well.

stay off-shore to evade obscenely high canadian taxes.

return at the most transparently opportunistic time.

pretend to have a new take on post-modernist, moral relativist, marxist/socialist thought.

appropriate hand-wringing, and

BOOM--you're the next trudeau, ready to save canada and the world from those bad old people who beleive in right/wrong, personal responsibility, and a small government, absent from the lives of the citizens, and leaving citizen's money in their own pocket, to be spent as the citizens themselves decide.

i'm all for bigger beer and more popcorn, lieberals be damned!


Anonymous said...

my bad,


Cheers, again!

Neo Conservative said...

k smart... agreed. the libs are grasping at straws. i'm surprised they didn't check to see if al gore was available.