17 October 2009

"Steffi come back..."

"All day long, wearing a mask of false bravado...
Trying to keep up the smile that hides a tear...
But as the sun goes down, I get that empty feeling again...
How I wish to God that you were here."
And... don't miss the photo-fun...*


Rural and Right said...

Ouch thats got to hurt Iffy's ego being one point ahead of Jack Layton.

Neo Conservative said...

"r&r says... got to hurt Iffy's ego"

i dunno... he seems pretty oblivious so far.


Michael Harkov said...

The NDP appears to be successfully weathering the storm. Despite the suggestion that Layton would be chastised for his decision to prop up the Tories—by ordering the caucus to abstain during the noconfidence
vote—perceptions of Jack Layton have remained practically unchanged since the summer.

That little gem is really interesting. While the Liberals have proped up the Tories dozens of times and now try to admonish the NDP for doing it on far less occasions, the NDP is experiencing far less of a fall-out for doing so. Obviously the perception is taking hold that the NDP is a more responsible and competent Opposition party.

Screw being in the wilderness at Stornoway for four years as a distant second during a Tory majority. If the Liberals keep up this trend, Ignatieff will be asking wether the second Opposition party also gets to have an official residence. :D

Neo Conservative said...

"michael says... perceptions of Jack Layton have remained practically unchanged since the summer."

the difference here is that jacko's prepared to play the long game... iggy is not.

if canadians don't elect ignatieff this time around... he's just gonna get on that big silver bird and head back to hah-vuhd.