29 October 2009

Well, Michael...

...it certainly appears as if somebody's "time is up"...

But only by going through the data tables, which break down the result by voter intention, can one become truly boggled by the revelation that not even Liberal supporters are all that keen on the guy: Only 55 percent would keep him on as leader -- 26 percent would ditch him for the nearest available alternative in a flash.

That's 26 percent of LIBERAL-LEANING VOTERS. Seriously, I've said it once, and I'm sure I'll say it again: Yikes.


Michael Harkov said...

Logos on cheques have had no effect.

One word? "BAM!"

Neo Conservative said...

"mh says... Logos on cheques have had no effect."

meanwhile liberal mp's are putting pictures of body bags on their constituency mailings?

no wonder these dumbsticks are tanking so badly.


Rich said...

There needs to be a groundswell of public spport for Iggy.
There should be a flood of Emails & letters to him directly and Lib MP's.
We should be urging him to stay as we support his insight, leadership qualities, and his vision for Canada.
I'm with you Iggy....all the way.
He's the most effective weapon the CPC has.

Anonymous said...

Read a Ignatieff book, you'll see how warped he is.

Neo Conservative said...

from everything i'm reading right now... the only thing that's stopping a conservative majority... is a picture of stephen harper aiming a rifle out the window of the texas book depository.


Anonymous said...

Iggy's pitch count must be closing on the 100 mark. And it's still only the first inning.

Neo Conservative said...

iggy... the gift that keeps on giving.


James Higham said...

He's a total self-seeking pollie - even we can see that over here.

maryT said...

When did Davey become the chief of staff, when did iffy's trouble begin.
Who will believe any poll put out by his partners in the future.
If he does a complete makeover of iffy it will not work, we will wonder what he is hiding.
Start from the bottom and don't sign nomination papers of anyone there since Chretain/Martin.
Missed QP today, were libs toned down.

BDFT said...

Did anyone read the comments in that CBC piece?
"Stephen Harper belongs in prison with the rest of the cons. Destroying our human rights, civil liberties and social programs. Attacking immigrants, homosexuals and women. Keeping us in an unjust war in Afghanistan. Hiding details of Afghan torture, and plunging the nation into record debt. Canada needs a liberal government to clean up this mess!"
If that's the typical Liberal mindset, we won't see them running things for a long time.

Neo Conservative said...

oh... these pathetic uber-socialist partisans are currently distinguishing themselves all over the place.... and i'm lovin' it.