13 October 2009

You know, I'm all for civilised behaviour...

...but do we really need a Courtesy Goon Squad?

-- TORONTO -- TTC passengers who don't mind their manners will have to pay hefty fines starting Monday.

Transit Special Constables will begin enforcing new fines for all things discourteous, including not giving up a spot to elderly or disabled people, and putting feet up on seats.
See... I was kinda hopin' Premier McSlippery's socialist paradise was gonna set their sights just a little bit higher... like, for instance, not putting murderers back into circulation.
In Vaughan, a neighbour said the entire neighbourhood has been shaken.

"Everyone's scared."


Neo Conservative said...

oh yeah... it gets better...

"As reported in the Sunday Sun, a dozen seniors walking in Humber Bay Park were approached Sept. 21 by a city bylaw officer who said they needed a permit to take their regular stroll."

"After the initial confrontation, the bylaw officer followed the seniors to a nearby community hall and demanded names. When he didn't get them he photographed all the seniors' licence plates."

"The fee for a permit is $230 or about $30 an hour."

brought to you by the miller-mcguinty pinko coalition for an orderly ontario.


Blame Crash said...

It's the voters who brought this on. They are the ones who voted for these leftist scolds and busy bodies. They deserve what they get.

robins111 said...

Sounds to me that his blondness is creating a copy of the HRC Tribunals only a traveling show.

In a sense, HRC lite, complete with a traveling band

botcho said...

Toronto: Getting what they deserve since 2003
Couldn't happen anywhere else folks and judging from the comments I truly believe they want more.

maryT said...

Too bad the parole board members who voted to release this animal can't be identified. If not for their decision he would still be in jail. Maybe it's time to pass a law making such members accountable for their decision, like charging them with accessories before/after the fact.
Might be a lot less criminals on the street. And was some expert "ist" there speaking at how he had changed.

Philanthropist said...

'Progressives' and lawyers feel the need to justify keeping murderous thugs locked up, if they can't satisfy themselves, then out they go.

'Progressives' twist themselves into knots fretting over thugs, but law-abiding citizens are a different story, law-abiding suckers can and should be pushed around in 'progressive' philosophy, it's as though they think regular folks are guilty of some kind of original sin for which they must pay.

Rose said...

Is Tarrana's leadership getting their ideas from the Saudi Moral's police? The government persecutes us for feelings of hate now rudeness and politeness is a persecutable offense. Are the fruitloops on the left going to mandate group sex at bath houses and swingers clubs, will they call the enforcers the ministry of love or perversion?

Neo Conservative said...

truly... i fear for my country.


langmann said...

Its like a Monty Python skit... gone horribly wrong. IE:

Neo Conservative said...

"langmann says... Its like a Monty Python skit"

got an amusing link via email from kathy shaidle.


Rich said...

Miller & Iggy....sharing throat swabs.
Ministry of Thinking next?