18 October 2009

If you build it... they will come

Just something to think about, Toronto... the next time you have to cough up your increasingly outrageous municipal taxes...

City caseworkers first came forward here in March, complaining their welfare clients were netting hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in food allowances for medical conditions they obviously didn't have.

And Toronto's "dirty little secret" is costing us a fortune.

According to Toronto's 2009 operating budget report, it's now projected to cost as much as $55 million by the end of this year, with the city on the hook for 20%.


Anonymous said...

So sad ... so true. It's just like bird seed .. you attract what you put out. More seed .. more birds.


Neo Conservative said...

michael... here's an experiment... find me a social programme that doles out "free" anything... that isn't stretched to maximum capacity.

and the fact is, as long as this largesse isn't coming directly out of dalton, or david miller's pockets (which, it is... but with their obscene salaries & pensions they can comfortably ignore it)... these socialist behemoths will continue to breed & grow like malignant tumours.

hope you've got deep pockets.


Philanthropist said...

Fat welfare recipients should receive less money, not more. Obviously.