06 October 2009

A year late...

...a billion dollars short...

Ontario Health Minister David Caplan has resigned on the eve of the release of a provincial auditor's report that is scathingly critical of his health ministry.

Mr. Caplan tendered his resignation to Premier Dalton McGuinty on Tuesday, according to a source close to him. His departure comes one day before Auditor-General Jim McCarter releases a report into the $1-billion the province has spent developing digital medical records with little to show for it.

Officials in the Premier's office and Mr. Caplan's did not immediately return telephone messages.
Sorry Premier McSlippery... this just isn't gonna cut it.



Honey Pot said...


The Ontario liberals have no shame. Just look what they are doing to our veterans. They can hand out millions in contracts to their buddies, but they can't help our veterans out. The veterans are proud and they want to pay their debt off, even if they were a victim of crime. They just know they will be dead before they are ever able to pay back the loan shark interest the Ontario provincial liberals are charging them.

They shouldn't have to go to their graves knowing that the legion will not exist after they pass away.

This legion does lots of charity work that many never hear about. They quietly go about doing what they do to help people, plus raising money for the debt.It must be overwhelming at times for these great men and women who volunteered to give up their lives for us in the second world war.

I know this legion, and every week they hold events to try and raise money to pay back this debt. These are elderly people, some not in good health. It is just so sad.