14 August 2008

I should say right up front...

...I'm not without sympathy for anyone who finds themselves on the pointed, splintery end of the Islamic justice stick. As a lifelong Canadian, atheist and staunch Conservative... it strikes me as a crazy, impenetrable way to run a science fiction penal colony... never mind a country.

What I find really interesting here, though... is how some folks can go from reverential, light-speed awe of all things multi-cultural... to slam-stop, ice cold, nanny-state intervention... in the blink of a socialist eye.

-- OTTAWA -- The outlook has grown bleaker for two Canadian brothers accused of murder in Saudi Arabia, prompting calls from opposition Liberals for the Harper government to step up efforts on their behalf.

“The two innocent Canadians were set upon by a gang of 15 youths, some of whom were armed with knives and sticks,” said Mr. McTeague, who provided an update on the Kohail case Wednesday.
Now... I'm not really sure how Dan McTeague apparently knows these guys are innocent of these charges... but let's leave that for another time.

What intrigues me here, is how McTeague... a devout, lifelong worshipper at the altar of political correctness, moral relativism and cultural diversity... can bring himself to -- SUDDENLY -- make a screeching 180 degree about-face and repudiate some other sovereign nation's established system of justice.

Oh, wait a minute... I forgot.

He's a Liberal... and they're "flexible."


"Not odd at all when you consider his likely perception that the Saudis are a little too friendly with the Americans and their President, Oiljesus Bushitler."
It's true... I forgot the Liberal Party's "Piss all over anything remotely associated with Americans" escape clause.



Honey Pot said...

Yes, that is odd, that McTeague, a faithful liberal, all of sudden would break ranks and suggest that perhaps beheading without a fair trial is a barbaric cultural norm in Saudia Arabia.

To insult the Saudis, to imply they are a bunch of backward camel riding hillbillies, might do irreparable dammage to diplomatic ties between our countries.

It is pretty damn stupid of the boys parents to introduce them to western civilization and then drag them back to that shithole of a country.

Another family of pretend Canadians that we are expected to rescue.

A warning should be put in all Canadian airports. If you chose to go back and live in your barbaric backward countries of orgin, you are on your own. If you are stupid enough to drag your children on vacation to a war zone put extra money aside to pay your own way home.

Anonymous said...

Not odd at all when you consider his likely perception that the Saudis are a little too friendly with the Americans and their President, Oiljesus Bushitler.

Crazymamma said...

This is an interesting case, the boys, who only got their Canadian citizenship just two years prior to leaving Canada, were set upon by a group and pretty badly beaten down, some video footage of the incident was not allowed in court for the defense, after conviction the boys have won two, count them two appeals to higher courts but the original court refuses to recognize them....

Saudi Arabia that Cosmopolitan kinda country that still stones and beheads witches and pushes 14 year old girls back and locks them a burning building because they do not have their face covered....

Maybe folks should just not be going there?

Neo Conservative said...

i dunno... you escape the black hole of hope that is palestine and receive the gift of canadian citizenship... why on earth would you then pick up and move to saudi arabia?

more to the point... if you're a faithful muslim, who does move to the land of the one true faith... shouldn't you just be taking your allah-driven lumps?


Rose said...

LOL the left have been kissing the Saudi's ass for decades and now they want us to believe they care about a couple of youths facing a death sentence. Give me a break, Saudi justice is akin to 9th century ME sand dune savagery. The ME likes all the modern western toys but want to make their women live as if it were the year 806. Can anyone really be surprised of their barbarity, they sell their ten year old daughters to smelly ole men for ten grand.

We need new laws that clearly define what a Canadian Citizen is, this family's only interet seems to be Canadian of Convienance. We don't need that kind of Canadian atall.