01 August 2007

So... lemme get this straight

I've lived in Hastings County for over six years now and I'm still not able to get a family physician. The last time I took my sick child to the ER, we sat for over 7 hours before we could see a doctor.

Now you're telling me that Dalton McGuinty has found so many creative ways to pound money into the perennially indigent demographic that he's saturated the market?

Hastings County is waiting to help 120 people with their rent, but so far, few tenants have taken them up on it.

“We have money. Come and get it,” said Tracey Logan, who works in community programs.
Rather than providing money for training or education, it's the all too familiar nanny-state subsidisation of the lowest expectation status quo.

Why aren't the Fiberals concerned about the community-at-large? How does McGuinty justify his crazy priorities?
The program stems from a $775,000 allotment from the province earlier this year. It serves tenants already living in one-bedroom apartments and is offered alongside a program for tenants moving into new apartments.

As for why there haven’t been more applicants, Logan suspects tenants are too busy to notice or assume it will come with too much red tape.
Remember the huge crisis at the Belleville General Hospital just this past February?
Ontario Health Minister George Smitherman, says he can't do anything because the cupboard is bare.

Strangely enough... Dalton McGuinty and his pal George found enough cash to vote themselves a big fat 25% raise just before Christmas...
Remember Dalton's multi-million dollar golden handshake to the guy who had to leave Ontario Hydro in disgrace?
While Parkinson's $3-million severance angers and outrages some, Mr. McGuinty said it was the cheapest way to get rid of Parkinson.
And for all his supposed concern about the less fortunate, what about Dalton's shameful treatment of elderly people in Ontario nursing homes?
The increase, which kicked in on Canada Day, brings the funding to $5.57 per person per day, an amount that's supposed to cover the cost of buying three squares, plus snacks, a day.
Why aren't we using this money to make sure granny gets three square meals a day?

Will somebody, for the love of sanity, please tell me what this idiot is really up to?

Because I can't begin to figure it out.

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Kit said...


He simply has to go. Its like mixing two old analogies... the kid in the candy store and the bull in the china shop... nothing good can come from it.

Reg said...

The least Dalton could do is help subsidize my child support payments.

Just kidding, Neo.

Anonymous said...

I live in rural Ontario - the main problem - doctors want to work in big cities. Is that so difficult for you to understand? Duh!

Neo Conservative said...

"anon said... the main problem - doctors want to work in big cities."

you're trying to say there's no doctor shortage in cities right now?

where do you live... gilligan's island?


Anonymous said...

I have never had a problem finding a doctor in my (close to) a dozen moves, and the only times I've waited hours was when I was at the hospital for something non-critical. This applies as well to everyone I know, which is at least 100 people. Thus, in the calculus of populist bullcrap, my anecdotes cancel yours.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon said... the only times I've waited hours"

please go on... tell us how much better your life is under david miller & dalton mcguinty.

you're lying... as anyone who has visited a hospital emergency room in toronto in the last 2 decades knows...

keep digging... i love it.


Anonymous said...


No, you're lying. I'm telling the truth because I say so.

Reg said...

Oh fair Neo Con, let me come to your rescue...

Anon: There is a severe shortage of doctors in the Hastings\Prince Edward County area. It is especially hard to find a pediatrician, to the point that many people in our area go to Kingston to the walk-in Pediatrician clininc at KGH on Fridays. I wouldn't advise getting cancer anytime soon either.

It is hoped that the expansion of BGH and the reasonable real estate prices can convince a few doctors to come this way.

One more thing, Anon. Hastings Country Coucil is giving $50,000 to 1st\2nd year doctors if they agree to practice in Centre Hastings for a set period of time after they graduate.

Second more thing, if you can get in and out of Emerg at BGH in 5 hours any day, any time of the year you are doing well. Many of us Centre Hastings folk head over to Campbellford if the illness isn't life threating.

Anonymous said...

Dolton McLiar is throwing money at anything that might buy him votes. He knows that people will vote Liberal even if they can't get any medical care - so screw them, he'll spend the money on other votes.

Anonymous said...

No liberal ever went unelected by overestimating the gullibility of the Ontario voter.