02 August 2007

"It's alive!!!", cries the Globe

That Frankensteinian Conservative Party is once again loose upon the land, warns the Globe and Mail.

-- OTTAWA, CHARLOTTETOWN -- The Harper government rejected opposition calls yesterday to give Elections Canada new tools to detect multiple donations to a political party's riding associations that could cumulatively exceed the legal limit by more than $60,000.
Of course, after the accusatory headline and further down the article, we come across this nugget...
Still, Liberal officials acknowledge that the loophole was created by their 2003 reform to the Elections Act.
Of course, even that point is somewhat moot as the whole hidden, scary discombobulation really isn't going to destroy life as we know it after all.
Conservative House Leader Peter Van Loan issued a statement yesterday reminding Canadians that exceeding the $1,100 limit is illegal.

"This is no more a loophole than the fact that someone can break the law by fraudulently misstating their income on their income tax," he said. "In both cases the law is broken and individuals are subject to serious consequences for doing so."
But don't tell that to the leftbots at the Globe.

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Bruce Stewart said...

What I find fascinating in all this is how readily a party I donate to on a monthly basis via credit card (does it matter who?) and therefore knows I have set my donations to work out to precisely the limit for the year continues to phone, write, etc. to ask for more money.

All parties, I suspect, have a lot more to learn about how to deal with the new limits, because this sort of behaviour is just alienating. "No, I don't want another credit card." "No, I'm not interested in your free offer." "No, I don't want to be surveyed." "If I cancel my membership and stop donating, will you go away?"

Anonymous said...

So, I have to ask - what is Mr. Accountability hiding?

Neo Conservative said...

"anon said... what is Mr. Accountability hiding?"


whatever you may be referring to... i'm guessing it isn't as putrid as this.

"A total of $32.4-million was rushed out at the end of the past two fiscal years to multicultural groups with ties to the Liberal Party."


wilson said...

''Party officials, however, said the likelihood of people abusing it is greater now that the Conservatives have lowered the annual maximum donation from $5,200 to $1,100.''

Canadians are sooooo desperate to give their political party money that they will break the law to support their guy (or gal)?

Ok, so you have a 'person' running around with a bag of $100 bills, distributing 2 $100 bills to many ridings of the party the 'person' supports(receiving a penny back).

Reminds me of Cote, bag stuffed with $100 bills (taxpayers money), distributing $125,000 to 12 Liberal ridings.....will Dion ever tell us which ridings received the dirty money??