20 August 2007

Thirty pieces of silver

Never one to just sit around while there are votes yet to be bought... the shameless Fiberal Bribe-O-Rama juggernaut continues its lightning advance.

-- OTTAWA -- Premier Dalton McGuinty will announce a four-year plan Monday to have the province take over social service costs now being paid by Ontario municipalities.

The Canadian Press has confirmed Mr. McGuinty will issue a pre-election pledge to upload $935-million in costs at an Ottawa meeting of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario.

The uploading plan would start Jan 1, if the McGuinty Liberals win re-election, and cover costs downloaded to municipalities by the previous Conservative government.

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That's $935 million dollars for (cough, cough) social services.
-- TORONTO -- Toronto police have opened fire on fleeing vehicles in two separate incidents in the city's east end.

LAST WORD: Who didn't make "The List"?
If we have money for every Tom, Vlad and Nouri, let's find some for that MRI machine at Sick Kids and fix the damn thing.

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Anonymous said...

This problem for property taxpayers is because 10 years ago the costs were downloaded to property taxpayers - who was in 10 years ago - Mike Harris!

At least McGuinty is making a start at something that will take years to correct.

Neo Conservative said...

anon said... At least McGuinty is making a start at something..."

oh puh-leeese... mere weeks before the writ is dropped... mr mcliar comes up with billions of taxpayer dollars, which he is spreading around... to fiberal friends... like fairy dust.

and all the leftbots can do is cry... "bring me the head of mike harris!!!"



Anonymous said...

I was dumbfounded when the local radio (AM 920 out of Wingham) reported this as saying "McGuinty promised that the Liberal party would absorb the cost of downloaded services". If only it was true, and it wasn't the taxpayers monies. What a crock.