22 August 2007

The Taliban may be fanatics...

But they're certainly not stupid... they realise they need to capitalise, right now, on all the vehement opposition to the war that's coming, in the largest measure, from Quebec.

-- VANCOUVER, British Columbia (Reuters) -- Two Canadian soldiers and an interpreter were killed and two journalists injured on Wednesday during an attack in southern Afghanistan, the Canadian military said.
What the surrender-monkeys have accomplished, in essence, is to paint big red targets on our soldiers backs.

I hope they're proud of themselves tonight.


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So enough of this shit...
In addition, the grim appearance and destructive power of up to 15 Leopard tanks has the potential to further alienate Afghans already suspicious of foreign troops.
Hey Pierre, it's not some sort of boozy fete... it's about breakin' stuff and killing people.

And it's past time to choose sides.


LAST WORD: A point of view...

From the man who buried Captain Matthew Dawe.
There was something distasteful in the many media commentaries about last week's Cabinet shuffle, arguing as it did the that the task of the new Minister of Defence, Peter MacKay, was to communicate the Afghan policy better than his predecessor, Gordon O'Connor.

The sense that this is simply a matter of better public relations is to understate the gravity of the issue.

In order to make an educated decision about a war, it is necessary to have some sense of the victories as well as the cost to be paid in blood and treasure.

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Reg said...

I agree with you 100%, Neo. I firmly believe as well that once the R22eR get their bearings in Afghan that there will be hell to pay for the Taliban.

Anonymous said...

Your quite right. They tried using Iltis for a while, remember? That didn't last long.

KURSK said...

I know many of the men now stationed in Afghanistan, and believe you me... there WILL be hell to pay by the Taliban for taking the lives of their comrades.

These men are all tough soldiers
and they are going to want to settle the score with the rag heads

50-1 would be a good start..