26 August 2007

You can have it...

Fast, good or cheap... pick any two.

-- TORONTO -- Canadian health department has advised people against using a Neem toothpaste from India, claiming that it contains high levels of harmful bacteria apart from a chemical found in antifreeze which was discovered earlier.

Neem Active Toothpaste with Calcium, made by Calcutta Chemical Co. Ltd. in India, should not be used, Health Canada warned.
Speaking of India, I recently went three rounds with a totally clueless minion from Sympatico's outsourced IT helpline... and let me tell you, we're talkin' "special with an R".

The person "assisting" me absolutely refused to diferentiate between Belleville and Brockville, Ontario... and I had to insist on talking to his manager to try make any sort of progress... which incidentally... we didn't.

I was fortunate enough the problem went away on its own.

The moral of this particular story is... if it's made in India... it ain't goin' in my mouth.

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Anonymous said...

Put a call into bell Canada for some service work.
Ended up talking with a cluless wank in Mumbai!

Neo Conservative said...

see... you've just gotta balance the importance of keeping single phone subscribers happy... against the dividends generated for bell shareholders.

you know... the greater good.